Last of Us Part II wins ULTIMATE Game of The Year & people aren’t happy


The Last of Us Part II picks up a very special and unique award at Golden Joystick Awards 2020. The Ultimate Game of The Year award. People don’t get it.

Special awards go to special games. The Last of Us Part II is the first game in the history of the Golden Joystick Awards to be award ULTIMATE Game of The Year (GOTY).

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Many people predicted that Naughty Dog’s big budget sequel to their post-apocalyptic zombie game would pick up the Game of The Year award in 2020, but at the same time they didn’t think it deserved it.

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The mainstream media frothed in excitement about the progressive politics for including a macho, literal man-crushing, protagonist and a Chinese transgender boy.

Stunning and brave – 10/10

“Stunning and brave,” the mainstream media shouted while awarding the game the highest possible score. However, majority of people who weren’t paid to review the game didn’t love it.

Among some of the game’s harshest critics were PewDiePie, loltyler1, and even Joe Vargas of The Angry Joe Show.

These popular content creators shared the same sentiments regarding The Last of Us Part II. Not only did they hate the story, writing and what they did to the original characters, but ultimately the gameplay was boring and broken.

Other gamers shared there thoughts on the disasterpiece they believed the game to be on Metacritic and the user score swan dived to a 3 out of 10 before Naughty Dog CEO lashed out the reviews calling them fake forcing Metacritic two delete thousands of reviews and bumping the score back up to a 7. Sadly for Naughty Dog the score has fallen yet again, this time to a 5.

Suffice to say that The Last of Us Part II is not the people’s choice when it comes to Game of The Year (GOTY), even though this award claims it was “chosen by you [the gamers]”.

The polls for voting on your favourite game were still up and running when The Last of Us Part II was announced as GOTY, leading many to believe that their vote didn’t actually matter.

It only seems that such praise was awarded as a form of corporate smooching and virtue signalling.

Did Ghost of Tsushima deserve GOTY more?

Was Sucker Punch cheated? Their 2020 PlayStation 4 exclusive title Ghost of Tsushima received lots of love and got a better user score on Metacritic with a new perfect 93 percent.

Kpop fans want Ghost of Tsushami cancelled for being racist

Unfortunately a few progressive journalists sabotaged the score by claiming that Ghost of Tsushima was problematic because it whitewashed and appropriated Asian culture.

Even Doom Eternal was may more deserving of GOTY, a lot of people have said.

Cyberpunk 2077 lost out, because of Sony.

Another game that could have easily claimed Game of The Year is Cyberpunk 2077, that is if it wasn’t delayed… yet again.

A source reached out to us reveal that Sony might have been responsible for the delay. Apparently backwards compatibility was not yet working for Cyberpunk 2077 and Sony forced CD Projekt Red to postpone all releases and release both old and new gen versions of the game simultaneously.

Now, to the dismay of thousands, Naughty Dog’s The Last of Us Part II has claimed Game of The Year award at the Golden Joystick Awards 2020.

Not only did the game snag Game of The year 2020, but it is the first game in the history of the awards to receive something called the ULTIMATE Game of The Year? Why, exactly, though?

What is game of the Ultimate Game of the Year? It’s an award that was exclusively given to The Last of Us Part II because it won every single category: graphics, story and gameplay. Not even Grand Theft Auto V got this many awards.

Is the game really that special it deserves its own ultimate reward, or are the masses right and the game is mostly mediocre?

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