Marvel’s Avengers game called “deeply concerning” and very divisive


Trusted YouTube gaming journalist YongYea and Forbe’s Paul Tassi played the Avengers beta on the PS4 pro and called it “deeply concerning” and “divisive”.

Hype for the upcoming Avengers videogame plummeted once it was revealed that the new game would focus mostly on Kamala Khan more commonly known as Ms Marvel).

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Marvel did a hard push earlier this year trying to sell Ms Marvel as the “best Avenger” but hardcore fans just weren’t buying. Judging by developer interviews, gamers feared that an epic story might have to make way for a safe, progressive and political correct writing. According to YongYea and Forbe’s Paul Tassi, that just might be the case.

YongYea covered the new Marvel’s Avengers game’s many downfalls in detail in a lengthy 30-minute video called, I played Marvel’s Avengers beta, and I am deeply concerned.

Ms Marvel allegedly re-unites the Marvel’s Avengers in a “very divisive” in brand new game.

In the video YongYea breaks down the the very linear and mindlessly boring gameplay, as well as many of the games technical shortcomings, such as bad lip syncing, and weird animations. However, his biggest gripe with the game was the “incredibly cringey dialog.”

“There’s just this disconnect that makes me feel like the dialog isn’t really coming from the character,” the YouTube star explained while talking about the banter between some of the Avengers.

Marvel’s Avengers game is Anthem… with Avengers.

“The writing, I felt, was very poor, cringey, and awkward” he added while criticising the writing team for treating the characters like children’s cartoon characters.

He compared the dialog to Andromeda and Anthem; triple-A EA games that are known for their progressive themes.

The last time YongYea called a game’s story and dialog cringey was in his review of The Last of Us Part II where he admitted that he felt like the game’s characters and story received drastic changes to appease the views of the progressive staff at Naughty Dog.

Paul Tassi, games journalist at Forbes Magazine, even published an article saying that he believes that Avengers is going to be even more divisive than The Last of Us Part II. Really makes you wonder.

In his closing statement about his experience with the upcoming Marvel’s Avengers game YongYea described it to be a generic brawler/shooter-looter with bad loot and boring and repetitive gameplay

YongYea is not a political commentator, nor has he ever expressed an opinion siding with either side. He’s always been very neutral when it comes to criticizing the political aspects of certain games, so — perhaps — when he finds the dialog to be “deeply concerning” others should be too.


Marvel’s Avengers game received a fair share of negative feedback from both critics and players alike. Players condemned the game for its lackluster gameplay, describing it as “absolute garbage” and “super boring,” with many losing interest after a mere few hours of play. The graphics were criticized for resembling those of a mobile game, and the loot system was deemed “trash,” with a plethora of bugs, glitches, and poor performance further marring the gaming experience​​. The game was also lambasted for its microtransaction system, which was seen as a sign of greed on the part of the developers. The loot-based endgame was described as a “mess” by IGN, indicating a lack of engaging content for players who stick around after completing the campaign​​.

The narrative of Marvel’s Avengers also faced criticism for its uninspired mission design, with one review pointing out a “broken loot system” and “a litany of horrible technical issues” that overshadowed the otherwise fun combat experience​3​. The endgame content, in particular, was criticized for its repetitive and uninspired missions, rendering the journey from “vigilante to superhero a boring task”​. Some reviews expressed disappointment in the ratings, arguing that the game deserved lower scores, indicative of the dissatisfaction within the gaming community​. The range of negative feedback affirms YongYea’s characterization of the game as “deeply concerning,” reflecting a sentiment shared by a significant portion of the player base.

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