Microsoft register trademark for Xbox Series XS


Microsoft trademarked “Xbox Series XS” on January 1st leading gamers to believe they are already working on a new version of the console.

Xbox fans are a little confused. Why did Microsoft trademark “Xbox Series XS” so soon after the release of their next-gen console? Are they already working on a new console?

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Eagle-eyed Xbox fans noticed that Microsoft had filed to register a new trademark shortly after Christmas. The new trademark went into effect on January 1st of 2021 and early Xbox Series X adopters are concerned that Microsoft are about to release smaller and more powerful version of their console.

The trademark for “Xbox Series XS” was registered on the December 29th, two days before new years. It was officially effective on the January 1st. If the trademark is actually for their recently released consoles, then it is very strange that the Microsoft would file for registration two months after it launched. Still, we doubt that this is a sign that the company is about to push out a new console.

Microsoft are just rebranding.

The Xbox marketing team really sh*t the bed with their next-gen consoles. On top of the Xbox One, One S and One X, we now have the Xbox Series X and the Xbox Series X. It’s an absolute mess, especially for consumers who are not really in-the-know.

Microsoft rebrand their next-gen Xbox console yet again to “Xbox Series X|S”.

Activision made it especially complicated when they released Call of Duty Black Ops: Cold War separately for the Xbox One and the Series X. Most Xbox One games come standard with something called Smart Delivery.

Smart Delivery means that one game covers both gen version through a digital smart delivery of the update required to take full advantage of the Series X.

next-gen Call of Duty
Microsoft is rebranding and ditching the “Series X” stickers for a “Series X|S” sticker.

The Xbox One version of Call of Duty: Cold War has a sticker saying that it runs on both gen versions, however, it isn’t optimised for the Series X. People have to purchase a copy of the game with the “Series X” sticker at the top right corner of the box. But even that sticker is confusing people.

What about the Series S?

Oh, no. What a headache, Microsoft! They released a less beasty version of the next-gen console and decided to call it the “Xbox Series S” and this has utterly confused consumers.

Although you and I know that Xbox Series X games run on the Xbox Series X, a lot of people don’t. Microsoft is flooded by calls everyday asking why they aren’t selling any Xbox Series S games and they have to explain that Xbox Series X games are Xbox Series S games. Are you following? No? I don’t blame you.

Xbox Series XS
Consumers confused with next-gen Xbox branding.

Microsoft made a terrible mistake calling their next-gen console “Series X”, it really should just be called the “Series” and it has two version X and S. Just like their last-gen Xbox is called “Xbox One” and they have three versions: the original, S and X.

Microsoft are trying to fix this mess up by rebranding next-gen games as “Series XS” games so that consumers know that next-gen games play on both next-gen consoles.

You can already see Microsoft slowly make changed to their marketplace, replacing the “Series X Optimised” with “Series X|S Optimised”.

In all honesty Microsoft should just drop the word “Series” from the name and just call it the Xbox. The Xbox S and the Xbox X.

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