Saturday, May 15, 2021

Neil Druckmann caught in transphobic controversy for ‘deadnaming’ Lev

The Last of Us Part II has a trans character but it isn’t Abby, it’s Lev. The LGBTQ+ community are furious that they ‘deadname’ them in the game.

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A leak appeared online that said that one of the character’s in The Last of Us Part II was trans and that they were allegedly caught by a homophobic cult and punished for identifying as a male. This leak is accurate, but it wasn’t Abby.

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People were expecting the new protagonist in The Last of Us Part II to be a trans character due to anonymous leaks and, of course, Abby’s very masculine physique.

Some people were very excited to have a playable trans character in a big budget triple-A game by one of the world’s greatest developers, Naughty Dog. It would have made gaming history and been a massive step forward for progressive types. Sadly for the LGBTQ+ community, although her gender remained ambiguous through the game, Neil Druckmann confirmed that she wasn’t trans in a Tweet where he appeared offended that people assumed that she was.

Now Neil Druckmann is now caught up in transphobic controversy because one of the game’s trans characters, Lev, was ‘deadnamed’ in The Last of Us Part II.

According to GLAAD Director of Transgender Representation Nick Adams, ‘deadnaming’ is, “to reveal a transgender person’s birth name without their explicit permission.”

Deadnaming is also considering ‘hateful conduct’ on Twitter and can result in a permanent ban from the platform.

Lev is trans male in The Last of Us Part II

Neil Druckmann called transphobic for deadnaming Lev, a trans male, in The Last of Us Part II.

In The Last of Us Part II Lev is a young child who becomes friends with Abby when she’s in Seattle. Lev was kicked out of a religious community known as the Seraphites for shaving their head and identifying as male.

During one of the game’s scenes the angry homophobic cult scream out Lev’s birth name, and now the LGBTQ+ community, especially the trans rights people, are outraged and are calling Naughty Dog transphobes for ‘deadnaming’ a fictional videogame character.

The Last of Us Part II is being criticised because its creator, Neil Druckmann, is a ‘cis white male’ and therefore he has no right to speak on trans issues.

The scene was clearly there to show the bigoted ways of the homophobic religious cult but, ultimately, context doesn’t matter the the trans rights people.

In spite of the controversy Neil Druckmann’s hit game is one of the most diverse and inclusive videogames available right now. It has also reportedly smashed sales records around the world.

Do you think The Last of Us Part II is a transphobic game? Let us know in the comments below.

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