Nintendo rep Sloane ‘Skipper’ praises Shake Shack for poisoning cops


Partnered Twitch streamer and social media manager for Nintendo America praised Shake Shack in shocking tweet for poisoning cops.

Sloane ‘Skipper’ Wolf responded to a Tweet from left wing U.S. politician Andrew Yang where he asked if people preferred Shake Shack or Five Guys by saying: “Shake Shack. Because their burgers are top tier, their cheesy fries are delicious, and they poison cops.”

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Earlier today three police officers fell ill after drinking milkshakes at a Shake Shack in Manhattan, New York. The NYPD was investigating if they were poisoned with bleach.

The officers ordered a meal at the U.S. burger chain’s location at Broadway and Fulton St. at about 8:30 p.m. and noticed their shakes tasted strange, police sources said. One of the officers noticed a “clump of something” in one of their drinks, and a another cop smelled bleach. All three of theme fell ill and were sent to hospital, sources said.

Just moments before the alleged poisoning of three police officers at the Manhattan Shake Shack U.S. politician Andrew Yang tweeted, “My boys think Shake Shack is better than Five Guys. Right or wrong?” To which a Nintendo America public relations representative and full-time partnered Twitch streamer Sloane ‘Skipper’ Wolf replied, “Shake Shack. Because their burgers are top tier, their cheesy fries are delicious, and they poison cops.”

Manhattan Shake Shack poisoned three cops

Twitch partner and Nintendo America rep Sloan ‘Skipper ‘ Wolf praises Shake Shack for poisoning three cops in NYC.

Sloane ‘Skipper’ Wolf, 28, is a full time Twitch partner with over 12,000 followers and a media manager for Golin; a public relations firm that handle many high profile brands. One of her clients is Nintendo America.

Shortly after Fox News contributor Jason Chaffetz retweeted her, Sloane ‘Skipper’ Wolf made her Twitter profile private.

Sloane 'Skipper' Wolfe

Golin social media manager and Nintendo America rep posts lewds photos on internet.

“You are an absolutely disgusting human full of hate, division, and evil. Advocating for and supporting the attempted murder of anyone is wrong, vile, and again evil. Don’t kid yourself thinking you are for diversity and inclusion. You spew hate and working to divide America,” the Fox News contributor wrote.

Golin, Twitch, and Nintendo America have not yet issued a statement about their representative’s shocking Tweet condoning the poisoning of the three NYPD police officers.

Should Skipper be sacked from her position at Golin and lose her Twitch partnership? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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