OneAngryGamer threatened by Sony over MGR/Last of Us 2 meme

A Sony representative has threatened pop-culture and gaming press for a meme that shows TLoU controversial new chracacter modified to look like Senator Armstrong from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

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Sony Interactive Online and Naughty Dog have been cracking down on leaked images and videos from their upcoming third-person shooter gamer The Last of Us Part II by issuing copyright claims and DMCA takedowns on any content that uses, even in part, the leaked footage.

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More recently Sony have decided to double down their efforts on fighting leaks with, what many are considering, borderline illegal methods. Sony Interactive Online have issued copyright strikes against YouTube channel for simply talking about the leaks. Among some of the effected channels are HeelVsBabyface, Geeks + Gamers, and Ryan Kinnel.

Joe Vargas of The Angry Joe Show responded to Sony’s heavy-handed approach saying, “if Sony are going after people that are simply talking about the leak and sharing their own opinions on the leak, then that’s disgusting.”

Senator Armstrong

Controversial new The Last of Us Part II character Abby is edited to look like Senator Armstrong in hilarious meme.

Regardless of the backlash against their questionable methods of tackling the leaks Sony are not backing down and are now going after memes.

A representative for Sony reached out to pop-culture and gaming press OneAngryGamer threatening to blacklist them (or worse) if they do not immediately remove an image that depicted Abby from The Last of Us Part II as Senator Armstrong from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance.

“This content is yet unreleased and has been authorised for distribution. We would appreciate a swift response and action, please remove the above links,” the email reads.

OneAngryGamer responded to Sony claiming that the content was, in fact, a doctored image of Senator Armstrong from the Konami IP, Metal Gear Rising.

The representative responded: “As we stated before the content shared by you even if used as ‘comic speech’ and has been modified to depict Senator Armstrong from Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, it still contains a photo which is as of yet unreleased and has not been authorised for distribution from the game The Last of Us Part II – PS4 owned by Sony Interactive Online Europe Limited.”

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Sony threaten pop-culture press over The Last of us Part II Abby meme and abuse YouTube copyright system.

OneAngryGamer have reached out to Konami’s legal department and are currently awaiting a response.

Do you think Sony have gone too far when it comes to preventing the spread of The Last of Us Part II leaks? Let us know in the comments below.

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