OnSet is a standalone online roleplaying game that’s not a scam


OnSet is a standalone online open-world sandbox roleplaying game available on Steam that is super easy to mod… but, is it worth it?

After the GTA V roleplaying mod, FiveM, was released a lot of developers have been attempting to create a standalone online roleplaying experience to cash in on the market, but unfortunately most games, like Raw and Identity, have been scams. This is definitely not the case for OnSet.

Did you know?

OnSet released in a fully functional, albeit bare, state and was not crowd funded like its now defunct competitors. Games like Identity required people to pledge massive amounts of money just to get access to its barebone and broken alpha.

Despite having earned USD$1.4 million in a successful crowd funding campaign, Identity has not received a substantial update since May 10th, 2019. Many have declared the project dead and are now calling it a scam.

 OnSet is not a scam, plenty of fun OnSet servers online now.

OnSet is not a scam, plenty of fun OnSet servers online now.

OnSet, however, had no such crowd funding phase and instead was released on Steam under Early Access. Since the game is in Early Access there isn’t a whole lot of content in the game, but what’s there works. It is also scoring very positive reviews on Steam.

Kuzkay writes, “amazing game for creating content, It’s a perfect blend between Arma 3, Gmod and FiveM + a little of Roblox, The possibilities of game modes that could be created in Onset are endless, yes it will take time for the community to grow, but once more quality servers start popping up it will be an amazing game which we all have been waiting for.

Optimization is also very good running smoothly on pretty much any pc running the minimum specs or higher

Tested on a server with 120 players and no performance decrease in the server or the FPS so 300 players are for sure supported.”

Below I’ve listed some pros and cons that should help you decide whether OnSet is worth it. Let’s start with the pros.


  • Multiple cities and smaller towns.
  • You can enter every house and garage.
  • Netcode is optimal and supports up to 200 players.
  • Helicopters are fun to fly.
  • First/Third person shooting mechanics included.
  • Cars have damage models.
  • Easy to mod using LUA script.


  • Can’t enter skyscrapers.
  • Guns feel a little tacky.
  • House interiors are unimaginative.
  • Lack of usable assets.
  • Can’t interact with items like benches and seats.
  • Graphics aren’t great.

Because of how easy it is to create your own mods for OnSet there are already plenty of custom OnSet servers with a variety of different game modes; including a hardcore roleplaying life simulator and a prison escape mode.

If you had enough spare time you could create a full Grand Theft Auto like game using OnSet’s map editor and coding your own LUA scripts.

Is OnSet worth it?

The short and sweet answer is: yes. OnSet is worth it. If you buy the game today you can hop straight into a server and get immersed in roleplaying. There’s definitely enough there for you to get your moneys worth. Also, the game is only in Early Access mode and the developer has promised a lot more content and is updating the game quite frequently.

Rest assured, OnSet is definitely not a scam, but if you’re already playing Grand Theft Auto using FiveM and have no interest in creating your own server or crafting your own gameplay experience then there’s no real rush to pick it up while it is still in Early Access. However, I can see this being the definitive online roleplaying game officially released.

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