Fans were starting to feel that Overwatch was getting a bit tired, so what does Blizzard decide to do? Just completely hand the developer tools over to the players to see what happens, and now Overwatch Battle Royale is a reality.

Today Blizzard officially launched the Overwatch Workshop. The Workshop is a simplified game scripting system that expands the customisation features available in the Game Browser.

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Within the Workshop, you can create a scripts that add rules and unique play conditions on top of the established Overwatch game modes. Rules can do many things, like change how a hero’s movement and abilities work, modify how players are damaged or healed, or even display text under certain circumstances.

This powerful tool gave players to create pretty much whatever they like. We’ve seen Overwatch turned into MOBA, Portal simulator and even platform brawler like Smash Bros!

Overwatch Battle Royale

It was inevitably going to happen sooner or later. Fans have been begging Blizzard for the mode for ages now but they never delivered. Fortunately, the workshop tools are so powerful that it allows players to create this mode from within Overwatch. If you don’t know what game-mode I am referring to, you must have been living under a rock for the past two years. It’s Battle Royale, of course!

Of course there are going to be some balancing issues in this player made Battle Royale mode; maybe that’s why it is best to limit the game mode to only one player type. As we can see from the video above, that is exactly what Mr. Fruit and his friends did. On a serious note, though, a Roadhog-Only Battle Royale mode looks like a heck of a lot of fun.

Since Blizzard launched the Workshop on the PTR server, more than 2.7M games have been created and more than 60,000 game codes have been shared. Mind you that all this was created during the testing phase so we can expect to see some crazy stuff from here on out.

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Overwatch released almost 4 years ago, and although the community is still strong, people are becoming bored of what it offers. This new update is a breath of fresh air for Overwatch that will certainly provide hours upon hours of fun for old fans. Game of the year, anyone? Hey, if a two year old game like Fortnite can win game of the year, then why can’t Overwatch?

Maybe Overwatch can now tie us over until we get more news on the whole Call of Duty mess. Until then, follow us on Facebook or Twitter to get instant updates and breaking news on your favourite movies, games, and music.