PlayStation 5 stock out until March, 2021, EB Games employee says


An EB Games employee said they had stopped taking pre-orders for their “3rd wave” of PlayStation 5 stock and speculates there wont be more units available until March.

According to Australian retailer EB Games, there won’t be any more PlayStation 5 u stock until “about March, 2021”. They have sold their “3rd wave of pre-orders”.

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I was oblivious to the fact that Sony had announced that pre-orders were live considering it was done so early in the morning. Unless you are a hardcore gamer that follows PlayStation on Twitter the chances are you probably wouldn’t have had any idea too.

Pre-orders went live around 6AM in the morning and the news didn’t get to me until about 10AM. I still figured I had plenty of time to go about my day and stop by the shops later on to get my pre-order in. Oh boy, was I wrong.

I dipped down to my local EB Games during my lunch break and was going to pre-order two consoles: one for me, one as a Christmas gift. The EB Games employee told me that pre-orders are $100 each, and are exclusively available online. No problem, I thought, I will just order them when I got home.

Play has no limits, but the PlayStationn 5 has limited stock.

Once I got home I got out my credit card(s) and sat at my computer and was kind of shocked to see that they weren’t accepting any more pre-orders. Also, the pre-order price was $200 when it was clearly advertised as $100 in-store.

The next day I returned and said that I couldn’t order online and that the prices also didn’t match.

The employ explained, “the $100 price is for the third wave of pre-orders.” I asked what he meant by that, and he added, “The price is lower because we cannot guarantee when they will get their consoles. This is for our 3rd wave of stock.”

He speculated that this stock would not arrive until, at least, March 2021. I thought this was extremely odd since the last I heard Sony were going to make an effort to release more units before the Holidays.

I asked the EB Games employee whether they over-sold their pre-order stock and were simply struggling to fulfil orders. He could not give me a straight answer.

However, multiple retailers confirmed that the pre-order stock was allocated to the whole company and was not divided among their branching stores; which meant that the bigger cities bought up most of the stock.

PS5 is huge in size
The PlayStation 5 is huuuuuuuuuge, but their stock is looowwwww (no more pre-orders).

“There are only like 3 people who got their pre-orders at this store before all the stock ran out,” the employee confessed. “And they all work here.”

As we get closer to the PlayStation 5 launch date it truly seems very doubtful that any more PlayStation 5 units will become available before the 2020 Holiday season, and sadly this means that there will be a lot of disappointed kids come Christmas.

But March, 2021? That doesn’t seem likely. We are seeing massive US retailers magically get more stock and they temporarily re-open their pre-orders every now and then.

Oh well, the PlayStation really doesn’t have much to offer in terms of must play exclusives at launch and there are are still some amazing current game games like Cyberpunk 2077 and Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla launching in the coming months.

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