PlayStation isn’t spying on gamers after latest update… but it’s still bad


Although the PlayStation policy update doesn’t mean they’re spying on you, it does encourage people to snitch leaving your account at the fate of a moderator.

A screenshot showing the new group/party chat terms of service has many people up in arms about privacy. But don’t worry, the PlayStation isn’t spying you… but it is still pretty bad.

Many people grew concerned after seeing a leaked screenshot of the terms and service screen for the PlayStation Group/Party chat feature. Yes, PlayStation records your conversations but Sony isn’t exactly spying on you.

Sony rolled out a console wide policy update and PlayStation fans were concerned when they noticed some major changes to the popular system.

The new update has not just reportedly broken the friend list feature and significantly slowed the PlayStation 4, but it seems as though the company is also allowing gamers to record and send in Group/Party Chat conversations.

Sony have announced that they will review any chat that has been sent in and comb it for policy violation in harassment and hate speech. This decision sparked outrage on social media from PlayStation owners.

PlayStation party chat policy
“Fun for everyone,” except trolls and conservatives.

Many are concerned as the fate of their PlayStation accounts — many which may have thousands of dollars worth digital purchases — are at the mercy of a Sony moderator who decided whether or not you crossed a line.

A friend could simply report you for telling an edgy joke or accidentally saying something offensive and you could immediately lose access to your console and all your digitally purchased games.

PlayStation 5 is huge
The new party chat policy affects the PlayStation 5 as well.

So, while Sony aren’t exactly spying on you, they certainly are encouraging the people you play with to snitch on you so that they can irradiate voices they simply don’t like off their platform.

This new policy update also affects the PlayStation 5 so, from now on, gamers will have to be very careful with what they say in private party chat.

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