Primroze exits Fortnite Champion Series after MAGA hat outrage


Primroze was set to cast for the Fortnite Champion Series until a disgruntled player dug up footage of her wearing MAGA cap in past livestream.

On the 30th of April, Twitch streamer Primroze announced on Twitter that she was going to cast the solos event of the upcoming Fortnite Champion Series this May. Unfortunately she’s had to withdraw due a recent video of supporting the current U.S. president for wearing a MAGA cap.

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Some of the “professional” Fortnite players were in uproar after the Twitch streamer after the announcement because “she was not a recognised professional in the Fortnite scene.”

One of the outraged individuals,  Jonathan “Yung Calculator” Weber, spent hours trying to find dirt on her to have her disqualified or “cancelled” from the event.

The alleged professional Fortnite player later found a Twitch clip of Rose “Primroze” sporting a red MAGA hat. Yung was outraged and campaigned to have her barred from the event for being a racist bigot.

Rose “Primroze” condemns racist in slavery in Twitch clip while wearing MAGA hat.

The clip, which was shared out off context, was of the Twitch streamer, Primroze, discussing her thoughts on protesters destroying statues of confederate soldiers in Durham, North Carolina.

Primroze claimed that while she understands the views of Confederates she completely condemns racism and slavery.

Rose "Primroze", 21, forced to withdraw from casting Fortnite Champion Series for wearing MAGA hat.

Rose “Primroze”, 21, forced to withdraw from casting Fortnite Champion Series for wearing MAGA hat.

“I support views of the Confederacy, but I do not in any way support the racism and slavery that it shows” she claimed in the clip taken from her Twitch channel,” the 21-year-old Twitch streamer explained.

After Jonathan “Yung Calculator” Weber’s tweet went viral Primroze was withdrew from casting the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) event claiming, “she needs time reflect.”

Rose aka “Primroze” issued an apology to the people offended and announced that she was taking an indefinite break from social media and Twitch streaming. It is alleged that the Twitch streamer has received a plethora of hate mail and threats from Anti-Trumpers.

The apology reads:

First of all, I am withdrawing myself from the casting team for the FNCS Invitational this month. I believe the broadcast should be centered around the gameplay and I believe that my presence will affect the focus.

I am sorry to those of you that I hurt by comments stated 8 months ago where I said I supported views of the confederacy. These comments were made directly following the very politically oriented Rajj Patel show. The Rajj Patel show is a large “Just Chatting” stream on Twitch where Rajj takes different people and scripts the show to get the maximum desired shock factor. When recruited for this show, I was advised to say certain things to trigger others.

I understand that the confederacy has a negative connotation and when I said I supported specific views the views I was directly referring to were of a smaller national government, more power to the citizens, and lower taxes. I in no way support racism or slavery and I apologize if it came off that way.

I understand how hurtful those comments were and how poor my explanation was. After those comments, I quickly realized that politics and political opinions had no place on Twitch and I attempted to remove myself from all of that however things still lingered. Although I have talked about how I no longer support any of this on my stream, the clips were taken out of context and unfortunately there is no vod to prove any of this.

When I started streaming, my main goal was to become an esports commentator and I had the opportunity to do so however I messed that up and I am so very sorry about that. I am currently a Broadcast Journalism major and my main focus is on esports. When I was given this opportunity, I was in shock because it was literally my dream job. Even with the recent events, I still believe it is my dream job.

I am going to be taking a short break from streaming and when I come back I am going to work harder then ever to regain the trust of this community. I am going to not only improve my abilities as a caster but I am going to work hard to improve my gameplay as well.

During her absence some people managed to hack into some of her social accounts and post ‘weird messages’, she claimed.

Disgruntled trolls have allegedly sent emails to he official sponsor, AGGRO, demanding them to cut ties with her for her political views. AGGRO have not made an official response.

The Californian based Fortnite streamer has not resumed her regular streaming schedule, nor has she announced when she will return.

For updates on her current situation you should visit on Twitch channel and follow her and Twitter.

Update: Primroze has since commented on the article saying that she was not forced but left to do some ‘reflecting’ because of her past views on Confederacy. She maintains that the viral video has nothing to do with her withdrawal from FNCS.

She has also denounced any confederate views. We’ve asked whether the same is true for her support of Trump.

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