Scalpers are selling digital and disc PS5 consoles for up to $1500 online


It’s impossible to get your hands on a PlayStation 5 unless you overpay for a scalped one online, yet Sony believe the launch went smoothly.

Sony/PlayStation are patting themselves on the back while drinking Champaign while congratulating each other on a “smooth launch” yet many people won’t be able to get PlayStation 5 (PS5) consoles until 2021 unless they want to overpay for scalped unit.

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You won’t find a PlayStation 5 (PS5) in stock or on the shelves anywhere, pre-order stock is sold out until March, 2021, according an employee at EB Games.

Sad to say there will surely be a lot of disappointed kids this Christmas because, without looking online for a scalper, it is pretty much impossible to get a PlayStation 5.

PlayStation 5 stock out until March, 2021, EB Games employee says
EB Games employee says they’ve sold out of PlayStation 5 stock until March 2021.

The PlayStation 5 sold out worldwide within hours of Sony announcing that pre-orders were live and they continued to sell pre-orders despite selling out, which means that any stock that would potentially be for sale in-store would go directly to the people who pre-ordered.

Ordinary families who don’t follow the games industry closely, or check Twitter daily for updates from PlayStation, would have no idea that they would have to pre-order their consoles last month to hopefully get a console.

There are a lot of disappointed holiday shoppers who are just now finding out that the PlayStation 5 is out and they are absolutely shocked that there is not a single unit in-store.

Scalper selling hundreds of PS5 at double price.

While the average family is losing out many scalpers are now online bragging that they have hundreds of PS5 consoles and they are selling them for a 100% mark-up.

One scalper advertised the standard PlayStation 5 console for $1500AUD and the digital version for $1100AUD.

Buyers should be aware of scalpers and — by no means — consider ever purchasing a scalped PS5, or any other console. There is no guarantee that you won’t be scammed, and if you get a faulty PlayStation 5, you’re left with a unreturnable brick.

Next-gen PS5 consoles are bricked/dead on launch.

A handful of PlayStation 5 consoles have been declared dead on arrival so far. Famous YouTuber and game review Jeremy Penter, better known as ACG, said that his console died within hours of him using it. Fortunately for him Sony express mailed out a new unit… but you won’t be so lucky.

ps5  size
PlayStation 5 (PS5) sold out worldwide but scalpers have plenty of stock.

There are many risks of being an early adopter to any new technology. Some would argue that it is best to, at least, wait for the second wave of consoles so that any errors discovered with the first wave can be fixed.

Sony are reportedly trying to get more consoles sent to stores very soon but it isn’t likely that it will make it in time for Christmas, 2020.

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