Several studios interest in the rights to Among Us animated movie


Despite releasing in 2018 Among Us is one of the most popular games today, and now several film studios are interested in acquiring the film rights.

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Among Us became a hit after many popular Twitch streamers caught wind of it and started broadcasting their gameplay. Still today it is one of the most played videogames on Twitch and many YouTube content creators exclusively upload content about the game.

With a userbase of well over a million people it comes as no shock that big studios are interested in picking up the rights for the film adaptation.

An insider has revealed that both Illumination Studios and Sony Animated Pictures are about to make offers to buy rights. Disney were reportedly hesitant due to the graphic nature of the game.

“A animated movie has been pitched to Illumination that has been described Minions meets The Crewmates. They want to make a 3D animated feature film that is rated PG,” the insider revealed.

The Among Us animated movie will likely contain very little cartoon violence and, like in the game, the crewmates don’t actually die and just respawn.

“Sony Pictures Animation are interested in Among Us too and I believe they want Genndy Tartakovsky to do it,” they concluded.

Genndy Tartovsky is the animator and director best known for Dexter’s Laboratory and Hotel Transylvania. He currently has a very busy schedule as he’s working on the recently announced Hotel Transylvania 4.

Kyle Balda is the most likely candidate for directing Among Us movie at Illumination as he’s just finished wrapping up Minions: The Rise of Gru.

Old school horror fans have often compared Among Us to the classic horror movie The Thing (the original starring Kurt Russel) so there is a lot of noise in the community calling for a live-action adaptation.

The above 3d fan-art was shared to Reddit by itsdiggitydog and it has people especially hyped either for a realistic remake of the game of a live-action movie.

Sadly the Among Us, InnerSloth LLC, have announced they have no interest in making a sequel and most realistic remakes of the game been shutdown due to copyright complaints.

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