Sony leak mentions Last of Us, Uncharted, Resistance, Stray’s Cross


If the rumours are true then 2021 will be a huge year for the PlayStation 5. Leaks suggest that Sony is remaking Resistance and releasing a brand new chapter in The Last of Us.

Sony have a history of huge leaks dating back all the way to the days of the PlayStation 4 when the entirety of Killzone 3 and Heavy Rain were leaked. And, most recently, The Last of Us part II leak. Now we’re getting a peak at what is in store for 2021, and it is looking very good.

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According to Leaks, Gaming Updates and Countdowns 2021 will be a huge year for for the PlayStation 5. Sony allegedly have plans to remaster some of their best games for the PlayStation 5 and release a brand new chapter of The Last of Us Part II called Dark Sides.

The Last of Us Part II multiplayer.

Not a whole lot is known about The Last of Us Part II: Dark Sides except that it is a brand new chapter in the series and that it will focus on the newly introduced protagonist Abby. It will also introduce the promised “Factions” multiplayer mode for the game which will include a battle royal mode.

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According to the leaker it is set chronologically before the final chapter of the main game, the story of The Last of Us Part 2: Dark Sides will add a new chapter dedicated to Abby, and a discovery that will bring to light the truths hidden in her memories of her past, and that will spur her towards her new and future goal.

The Last of Us Part II: Dark Sides will also launch on both PlayStation 4 and the PlayStation 5 consoles and introduce the promised The Last of Us “Factions” multiplayer mode..

New IP codenamed Stray’s Cross.

The leaker also said that Naughty Dog is working on a brand new IP called with the codename Stray’s Cross. The game is reported to be a PlayStation 5 exclusive.

Stray’s Cross will be the first new IP, sci-fi, AAA, created by the Naughty Dog studio for PS5 and compatible with the PSVR2.

The original leak gives us a peak at the plot and the story: Stray’s Cross will be an action/adventure game in first-person with steam punk elements. It will have two protagonists: a former female scientist described as talented scholar, fascinated by space-time science and a former male construction worker who is now a wanted criminal.

Stray's Cross Naughty Dog Steampunk

The scientist stumbles across some confidential documents that will lead her down a deep rabbit hole where she discovers “secret conflict that will inevitably lead to the ruin of human society.”

The leaker mentioned a short clip was revealed at the conference where the protagonist, with a first-person view, during a shooting as he crosses portals that lead to different eras, from modern to Egyptian, from futuristic to prehistoric.

The leaker claims that, although the publication date of this new IP has not been finalised, the studio is doing its utmost to create an experience as interactive as possible.

Uncharted coming to PC and PS5.

The entire Uncharted series is also coming to PC, the leaker said. The bundle will be called The Uncharted Chronicles Edition and will be reworked for the PlayStation 5 and PC with improved framerate, textures and resolution and feature the PSVITA exclusive Golden Abyss.

Uncharted PC

But the news that has most people super excited is that the whole Resistance series is also being remastered for the PlayStation 5 and a lot of people are feeling super nostalgic about it.

Resistance remastered for PlayStation 5.

Resistance: Fall of Man was an alternative history first person shooter and it was one of the launch titles for the PlayStation 3. It received critical appraise and truly showcased the power of the PlayStation 3.

Resistance PS5/PlayStation 5

The series concluded in 2011 with Resistance 3 and received almost perfect scores across the board but sadly never received a next-gen upgrade for the PlayStation 4.

If these leaks are legitimate than PlayStation fans should be ecstatic to learn that this classic first-person shooter series is finally coming making a return. Who knows, we may even see a Resistance 4 on the PlayStation 5 in the near future!

Naughty Dog have been confronted with these rumours and instead of rejecting them they simply told fans to “be patient”.

“If you tweet at me, asking about a future project, I can’t say anything,” Druckmann wrote in the tweet. “Please stay patient. We have several cool things we can’t wait to share with you. As soon as we can, we will!” Perhaps he’s just referring to The Last of Us Part II multiplayer game mod?

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