The Last of Us 2 villains are reportedly homophobic Christians

Sony Computer Entertainment deleted a post that might have revealed the plot to TLoU 2. Main story revolves around LGBTQ prosecution and the villains are gay hating Christians.

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A person claiming to be an immediate relative of someone working at Naughty Dog Inc., posted, what they allege to be, the plot to the highly anticipated The Last of Us sequel. The post was later deleted due to a DMCA take-down suggesting that this might, in fact, be legitimate.

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The source claims that the story mostly revolves around a ‘sort of’ love triangle between Ellie, Jesse and Dina. The Last of Us 2 villains are also reportedly a cult of homophobic Christians.

Naughty Dog Inc., have already confirmed that this is going to be a lot darker, and if this leak is anything to go by, it will surely depress a lot of people.

Warning, possible spoilers ahead.

The plot was broken down, step by step, to reveal all the massive twists and even the final ending. However, the most controversial element of the plot is its seemingly anti-religious and pro-LGBTQ ideologies.

Death to the patriarchy

The two male protagonists have short roles in The Last of Us Part 2. This game is not for the patriarchy, it’s, supposedly, women’s time to shine.

No male heroes in The Last of Us 2

A dissenting trans male, and a mysterious woman join you in TLoU2.

Naughty Dog Inc., reportedly kill off Joel and Jesse in the early stages of the game and, from there on in, there is no such thing as a good ‘guy’. But don’t worry, you won’t be alone for too long. Three more female characters will join you in fighting off the Christian bigots and patriarchy, including a transgender male and a mysterious woman.

The LGBTQ of Us

The game’s main plot is centred around the prosecution of LGBTQ people who are raided by religious cultists who believe that the Cordyceps Brain Infection, much like the Noah’s flood, was God’s way of purifying the land.

“The main story is focused around a briefly kindled lesbian romance between Ellie and Dina,” the source revealed. “It leads into a love triangle of sorts between Dina’s ex-boyfriend, Jesse, Dina and Ellie.” It isn’t until Ellie and Dina share their first kiss and start falling in love that a religious cult called the Seraphites ruin everything.

love triangle

Jesse gets cucked by his ex-girlfriend Dina as she macks on Ellie.

The source alleges that these Seraphites are mostly white men, and a few women, who refer to themselves as ‘the lambs of God’ and they believe they are angels sent from God to purify the land of sin. Their dissenters are considered ‘wolves’ and they are hung and gutted if caught.

Last of Us 2 villains are cis-gendered straight white Trump supporters

The Last of Us 2 villains are cis-gender straight white guys. Death to the patriarchy!

Not only are the The Last of Us 2 villains homophobic, they are also racists and kill non-white and non-cis gendered people on sight.

Dissenters, or wolves, who help minorities are hanged, drawn and quartered; a medieval form of punishment reserved for men found guilty of high treason. They’d hang and then disembowel dissenters.

“Clip her wings!”

In the trailer we see a woman who is strung up and about to be gutted, the source reveals that this is actually Ellie’s mother.

Knowing the context of the religious cult, the phrase, “clip her wings,” now make a whole lot of sense.

Naughty Dog made female characters less feminine to be trans friendly

The Last of Us 2 homophobic villains, Seraphites, about to gut a mysterious woman who is reportedly Ellie’s mother.

A source close to development confirmed that the The Last of Us part 2 plot was largely inspired LGBTQ members who work at Naughty Dog Inc.

“It’s about the prosecutions of LGBTQ people throughout history and Naughty Dog Inc., thought it was relevant to bring these issues back to the forefront with the rise of white supremacy and transphobia in the modern world.”

So, if you don’t mind a fair bit of politics in your game, you just might enjoy The Last of Us Part II. However, if you are either a white male, cis gendered, or a Christian you might want to give this game a hard pass. It’s clearly not for you.

If this leaks proves to be true will you still be getting The Last of Us part 2 for you PlayStation 4 when it launches, hopefully, later this year? Let us what you think about The Last of Us 2 plot and the homophobic Christian cult called the Seraphites in the comments below.

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