The PlayStation 5 reveal mocked with hilarious memes


These hilarious PlayStation 5 reveal memes poke fun at the bizarre aesthetic of the brand new high-end Sony gaming console beast.

There’s no doubt that Sony’s new gaming console is an absolute beast spec wise, but not everybody agrees that it looks cool. Fans are meming the crap out of the look of the PlayStation 5 after the reveal, and it is hilarious.

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Let’s all face it. The new Sony PlayStation 5 looks like a internet router wrapped in useless white plastic. Sony have always prided themselves with their ‘fresh and unique styles’ and although the PlayStation 5 is definitely unique looking, it certainly doesn’t feel fresh.

While a lot of fans are thrilled with the way the PlayStation 5 looks, others who aren’t are turning it into a a pretty hilarious meme.

Hilarious PlayStation 5 memes.

This is nothing new. The Xbox Series X was also mocked in hilarious fashion for its very basic look, but Team Microsoft welcomed the meme and even played into it.

During Microsoft’s Xbox Series X game-play reveal (which strangely showed absolutely no game-play) the host of the show used one of the Xbox Series X memes as his background. The meme showed the new Xbox console as a refrigerator in his kitchen.

Xbox Series X Fridge

What do you think about the look of the new Sony PlayStation 4 gaming console? Let us know in the comments below.

Editor note: Article thumbnail art of PlayStation 5 drawn by Fivel.

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