This is what Ellie from the Last of Us looks like as a male


Fans have recreated Ellie, protagonist from the hit PlayStation series The Last of Us, as a cute young male called Elliot.

Ever wondered what Ellie (last name Williams?) would look like after a sex change? No need to wonder, fans have already recreated the character as a male.

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It’s no secret that Ellie was largely inspired by, the then teenage actress, Ellen Page. She was made to look, and kind of act, like she did in award winning director’s David Slade’s the cult classic movie Hard Candy.

Even Ellen Page herself has accused Naughty Dog of ripping off her likeness for PlayStation 3 exclusive The Last of Us.

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Now that Ellen Page officially identifies as a transgender male called Elliot, The Last of Us fans have decided to give Ellie the same treatment… and he’s actually quite handsome.

Ellie as a male
Ellie as a male protagonist called Elliot.

Meet the new protagonist from The Last of Us, Elliot. I know he kind of looks like Peter Parker from the PlayStation 5 version of Spider-Man only a lot better.

Fans received Elliot with mixed reception. A lot of people didn’t like the male version of Ellie and claimed that Naughty Dog had already ruined the IP by making too many changes to The Last of Us Part II.

Abby and Lev TLoU2
Abby and Lev will be new protagonists in The Last of Us Part III.

Elliot won’t be making an appearance in any future The Last of Us game. As a matter of fact, it is likely that Ellie will only have a very small role in The Last of Us Part III. It seems like Naughty Dog want Abby Anderson and Lev to be the new surrogate mother and son duo to lead the franchise.

Ian Alexander
Lev was inspired by and voiced by transgender actor Ian Alexander.

Fun fact: People who have finished The Last of Us Part II know that Lev is, in fact, a transgender boy. His character is entirely inspired by transgender male actor Ian Alexander (Netflix’s The AO), who is also the voice behind Lev.

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