Twitch is banning people for playing Wanking Simulator


Twitch TV have confirmed that streaming the demo of the “controversial” new game, Wanking Simulator, will result in an immediate account termination on their platform.

Immediately after the launch trailer was revealed on YouTube some people petitioned Valve Corporation to ban the game for their platform, and although they have not been successful — as of yet — Twitch did take notice and have banned Wanking Simulator of their platform.

Did you know?

Twitch have built quite the reputation for being a zero tolerance platform as of late, even banning a streamer for using the ‘are traps gay’ meme early last year. Now the censorship strikes a “videogame” deemed too offensive by the Amazon owned streaming service, Wanking Simulator.

According to OneAngryGamer, “the game is a physics-based, first-person chaos simulator – rub that – wanking simulator that allows you to blast things to pieces, destroy homes, blow up cars, and then wank off to it.”

Wanking Simulator banned of Twitch

The game has already sparked controversy online as some claim that it glorifies violence against women.

“We’ve learned nothing from all of this and now there is literally a video game about beating up women and masturbating to get points. In the trailer you see a man with no pants on walk into a random ladies house assault her and then masturbate. How is this even allowed on Steam?” One concerned user wrote.

Several people have been permanently banned off the platform, without warning, for streaming Wanking Simulator. The game allegedly violates one of the services zero tolerance policies which is grounds for immediate suspension.

MrCiastku and Ultimate Games S.A. are yet to comment on Twitch’s decision to ban the game from their platform.

What are you thoughts on Twitch decision to ban people for streaming the game? For or against? Let us know in the comments below.

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