Twitch meetup in Sydney gets wild and weird and that’s why we love it


You will find some interesting and diverse people on Twitch TV. Now see what happens when these people get together at a meetup and ad a touch of Aussie flair.

Saturday, September 14th — Twitch Sydney had their second last yearly meetup at First Round Esports bar at Ashfield, Sydney, and they went all out!

The September Twitch meetup was Borderlands 3 themed and the organisers managed to create a mock Moxxxi’s popup bar.

PICTURES: This Aussie Twitch streamer spent months perfecting her battle Mercy cosplay.

Moxxxi’s is a popular location in the hit videogame. It’s a bar and lounge owned by the fan favourite character, Mad Moxxi. As well as owning bars all throughout Pandora, Moxxi is also known as the hostess to the Colosseum matches in The Underdome. What makes this character so unique, apart from her wild and sexy steampunk look, is that despite being described as sadistic, lustful, alluring, and dangerous she is also she is quite friendly and a very caring and compassionate mother.

Tunka nd KristyyLeigh Twitch TV
Twitch Sydney Meetup: (L to R) Unidentified, Tunks, Unidentified, KristyyLeigh

Popular Australian Twitch streamers met at Moxxxi’s to enjoy each other’s company and share a few Moxxxtails and from there on the night turned a little wild and weird.

Twitch streamers Faulted Rune (Brendan Thompson), Haydaru, and Ninja_Kane prepared an awesome little dance routine for the rest of the group and, after a few Gargle Blasters, summoned up the courage to perform their immaculately choreographed dance piece. Perhaps the trio should form Twitch’s very first boy band!

ClyroXIII and Reiiea Twitch Sydney Meetup
Twitch Sydney Meetup: (L to R) ClyroXIII, Reiiea, Bmac096

Also spotted at the event was ClyroXIII; the man we believe has the best beard on Twitch. As of writing this article his beard is exactly 6 years 6 months 17 days 12 hours 18 minutes 14 seconds old. In the time which his beard has been growing the following things have happened around the world:

  • Greta Thunberg reached puberty.
  • Last of Us released on PS3.
  • Last of Us 2 was announced.
  • The Last of Us 2 was delayed 4 times.
  • Netflix went from costing $12 to $20.
  • Hungry Jack’s made a meatless meat burger.

Well, a lot more stuff happened — 6 and a half years is a really long time — but those are the only events important enough to mention.

Twitch Sydney Meetup: Reiiea with CL4P-TP

Reiiea (pictured above) is a horror/variety streamer who is quickly climbing the ranks. She started streaming exactly a year ago and now has over 1500 followers on Twitch.

If you’re a Twitch streamer and live in Australia make sure you follow your local Twitch community on Twitter so you don’t end up missing these awesome meetups! This Borderlands 3 themed Twitch community meetup was made possible by the wonderful folks at 2K Games Australia.

Also, if you spot someone in these pictures that is not mentioned in the articles feel free to leave a comment below and we will be sure to update the article.

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