Wanking Simulator to be banned of Steam begs petition


Ultimate Games S.A. just revealed the launch trailer to their highly unusual game called Wanking Simulator and it has already outraged people.

It’s no surprise really a game about public masturbation is causing strife in certain sensitive communities. It doesn’t take a lot to have a game cancelled or outright banned today, especially if enough people find it offensive.

Did you know?

Toni Marsh took to Twitter to express her concerns for the upcoming “game” while spreading awareness to the petition she created to encourage Valve Corporation from banning the game on their platform.

Toni explained how she was shocked that a game like this could even exist after the GamerGate ordeal. “We know women that work in the gaming industry are highly disparaged, it truly feels like the 1930s all over again. Your opinions aren’t taken seriously, and people throw hateful, hurtful sexist remarks at you to discourage you from continuing with your passions,” she wrote on Reddit.

While discussing GamerGate she referenced an article written by Maddy Myers, the managing editor at Kotaku Australia, called The Cost Of Being A Woman Who Covers Video Games.

The article talks about just how difficult it is being a woman in the video games industry. “And even now, I lie awake at night sometimes and wonder why I chose to do this, just as I used to wonder back then. I think about the people who quit, the ones who got driven out by hate mobs, lack of resources, or both. Especially the ones whose work was much better and much bolder than mine. I think about how independent and diverse newsrooms helped propel these changes, and how afraid I am of losing that. There’s still so much left to do, and still so many bigots who wish more than anything for a return to a more exclusionary status quo.”

The game glorifies sexual assault against women, Toni alleges

Toni references one scene from the trailer in particular where the player enters a woman’s home and kicks here while masturbating.

“We’ve learned nothing from all of this and now there is literally a video game about beating up women and masturbating to get points. In the trailer you see a man with no pants on walk into a random ladies house assault her and then masturbate. How is this even allowed on Steam?” She writes.

People think game is just a terrible meme

Although not everybody shares Toni’s concerns for Wanking Simulator, most people can get behind her with just how pointless this game is.

Wanking Simulator to be banned of Steam begs petition

Wanking Simulator to be banned of Steam begs petition

“This game looks like it’s trying too hard to be funny,” one user commented on the YouTube video. “Pointless and unfunny,” wrote another.

If you share Toni’s sentiments about Wanking Simulator you can head on over to her change.org petition and sign it. Alternatively, if you are interested in checking the game out there is a free demo available on Steam right now.

What are your thoughts? Does it belong on Steam or should Wanking Simulator be banned? Let us know in the comments below.

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