Which triple-a video games have the best in-game Casinos?


During lockdown in 2020 gamers were using their favourite videogames to visit Casinos and play some high stakes games online.

Videogames have become popular throughout the ages, but in 2020, their popularity has exploded. In the US, $29.9 billion worth of videogames had been sold during the year by late September 2020. In August alone, sales jumped 37% year over year to $3.3 billion, compared to August 2019.

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Across the water in the EU, gaming has also witnessed a big rise in popularity. In July 2020, mobile game sales on the iPhone rose by 20%.

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One part of the gaming industry that some might overlook in all this is the online gaming industry, in which people can play casino games, slots and other games. There are some video games out there that combine the two, allowing the players to enjoy traditional casino games while also playing the “bigger picture” video game.

The only difference is you’re not playing for real cash. Sorry about that! If you’re looking for a taste of the real thing, however, you can check out bestcasinositesnewzealand.com, where you’ll find test your luck in one or more of the online casinos listed on the site.

This article looks at some of the popular games that feature traditional casino games or gambling. We’ll begin with…


In-game videogame casinos were packed during lockdown 2020: Red Dead Redemption!

Is a western-themed game ever truly one without some form of gambling game in it? Red Dead Redemption dutifully adheres to the tradition with some Texas Hold’em, and there’s an army of fans out there who willingly explain the rules of poker so you can succeed at the table during the game.

Some sneaky devils go further and tell you how to actively cheat while playing! “Other players would do it to you, they argue.

Meanwhile, the days of the cowboys are coming to an end in the game. As former outlaw John Marston, it’s your job to impose the rule of law. Gun battles, bounty hunting, duels and train robberies are all part of the action in this thrilling game.

Final Fantasy VII

Triple Triad
In-game videogame casinos were packed during lockdown 2020: Final Fantasy VII!

Final Fantasy VII is a PlayStation classic and came out originally in 1997. In 2020, it enjoyed something of a revamp as game makers remade the popular role-playing game.

The makers have brought the game up to date and, in a more modern reimagining, set it in a post-industrial world under the control of the Shinra Electric Power Company. The player takes on the role of Cloud Strife, who teams up with the anti-Shinra organization Avalanche to battle against the company.

While playing Final Fantasy VII, you’ll come across the game Triple Triad, which is played over a 3×3 grid. You can compete with the AI and lay down your card, which the game compares to the card next to it. The card with the highest value wins. The object of Triple Triad is to cover your board with as many cards of your colour as possible on the board to take the prize. Granted it’s not a casino game, but it’s terrific fun and a nice little touch from the makers.

Fallout New Vegas

Fallout New Vegas
In-game videogame casinos were packed during lockdown 2020: Fallout New Vegas!

In Fallout New Vegas, and as a character called “the Courier”, you’ll work your way across the Mojave Wasteland and New Vegas in a post-apocalyptic world.

Some have described “New Vegas” as the type of town in which you dig your own grave prior to being shot in the head and left dead. Lovely. It’s not far off, actually: as the Courier, you’re trying to trace “Benny,” who actually did shoot you in the head, leave you for dead and steal a package you were delivering.

If you’re a fan of casinos online or offline, you’ll take to Fallout New Vegas. In this gripping game, you’ll play blackjack, slots and other casino games, and the game features five different casinos. Unfortunately, they’re not the honest kind, and you’ll have to keep your wits about you to come out on top and with all your winnings.


In-game videogame casinos were packed during lockdown 2020: Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas!

The Grand Theft Auto series is something of a classic, notable for its soundtrack as much as for the gameplay itself. In this instalment, the player is character “CJ”, who is returning to his former neighbourhood, Los Santos, in San Andrea, after five years away. His family is falling apart, his mother has been murdered, and his friends are heading down the road to

While playing GTA San Andrea, the player can play blackjack, roulette, Texas Hold’em poker and video poker, as well as play on the slots, and increase CJ’s gambling skill. For every $1 000 they spend at the casinos, they can up his skill by 1, and CJ has a maximum potential skill of 1000. It’s features such as this that have made the game, and for that matter the series, so enthralling.

Gaming is tremendous entertainment, whether you’re playing traditional video games or casino games. Some games will let you enjoy both worlds, and if ever you fancy playing at a real online casino, they offer a taste of what you might be able to expect when you enter one.

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