Xbox Series X gamers will get Starfield/Hammerfell instantly on launch


Microsoft just acquired Bethesda which means all previous games plus Starfield will be available day one with the Xbox Game Pass.

Exciting news for Xbox fans; Microsoft have just acquired Bethesda Softworks; the studio behind the Fallout and The Elder Scrolls series. Per Microsoft in-house studio promise, all these games will be instantly available to all Game Pass holders.

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Bethesda have confirmed that they working on the highly anticipated sequel to the masterpiece that is The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. Although there is no firm release date, we can expect to hear more about in 2021.

Doom for the PlayStation, but not what you expected.

PlayStation and Stadia fans are concerned, and they have a good reason to be now that Bethesda is an in-house Microsoft Game Studios developer.

The acquisition could mean that some games only be exclusively available on Xbox and PC, leaving PlayStation and Stadia fans high and dry.

PC gamer believes that this acquisition spells bad news for PC gamers because of the “corporate take over” but is it really that bad? This means that PC gamers who the Xbox Game Pass Ultimate will get instant access to Bethesda’s entire game library for AUD$15 a month.

The future of Fallout and The Elder Scrolls is on Xbox.

The company also has massive plans for the Fallout series moving forward and they have a lot to prove after the initial failures and shortcomings of Fallout 76.

However, one game every body is excited to get their hands on is Starfield; s space exploration RPG.

The Elder Scrolsl VI Hammerfell Xbox Series X

Xbox Game Pass/Xbox Series X owners will not miss out on TES VI: Hammerfell.

Starfield reportedly boasts unparalleled realism when it comes to space exploration and Todd Howard has promised fans that it will be “worth the wait.”

The game, for the longest time, was Bethesda’s best kept secret. The studio is trying to create another massive and unique role-playing IP like Fallout and The Elder Scrolls; only set in space.

Will Starfield and The Elder Scrolls VI: Hemmerfell be Xbox/Microsoft exclusives?

Although Microsoft/Bethesda have not confirmed anything yet, the chances are that their triple-A titles will still be available on PlayStation, Switch, and PC. However, Microsoft can offer Xbox gamers zero day access to games like Starfield, Fallout, and The Elder Scrolls VI: Hammerfell via their Game Pass program.

Xbox Game Studios also acquired Obsidian Games, the developer behind Fallout: New Vegas. Their hit open-world role-playing game The Outer Worlds launched, side by side, on PC and PlayStation and later on Nintendo Switch; but Xbox Game Pass holders were able to play it on launch day with their AUD$15 per month membership.


Starfield now a Xbox exclusive? Probably not, but it will be first available for Game Pass members.

There’s no time like the present to get in and order the Xbox Series X considering Sony shot themselves in the feet with their botched pre-order announcement. New shipments of the PlayStation 5 will not be available until late March, 2021, according to EB Games.

But the next-gen Xbox console will be available on the 10th of November worldwide and will cost AUD$749 and they are accepting pre-orders right now.

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