Alinity reveals her boobs are fake and plans on getting booty implants


Alinity Divine bared all in a very revealing stream Wednesday where she discussed the nip slip drama, her real age, and her fake boobs, and plans on getting booty implants.

Controversial streamer, Alinity Divine, returned to Twitch after she begged Twitch admin to ban her for her an alleged accidental nip slip during her Just Dance live stream. She returned earlier this week to address the drama.

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After her interview with self proclaimed provocateur and Twitch streamer Destiny, she took to her own channel to briefly talk about the drama and address some of her previous lies.

“I can’t believe that there’s people out there that think I did that on purpose,” Alinity expressed during her livestream.

She continued: “Everything about it was so gross. I was a intoxicated, it looked terrible… and did you see that face I made?”

VIDEO: Alinity talks fake boobs, nip slip, and booty implants

Alinity bares all and discusses her fake boobs, nip slip, real age, Twitch ban, and her plans on getting booty implants and a face-lift.

Alinity explained that Twitch refused to extend her ban even after she requested it. “24 hours? Are you kidding me. Come on, Twitch. I showed my whole boob,” she added.

Alinity is no stranger to accidental wardrobe malfunctions and she’s not too shy to show some skin, perhaps that’s one of the many reasons why she’s a controversial streamer.

Last winter Alinity jumped into the hot tub during one of her livestreams and accidentally exposed a bit too much skin. Shocked fans recorded the moment that Alinity stood up revealing a bunched up bikini bottom exposing a bit too much of her butt.

Alinity hot tub

Alinity reveals butt in hot tub live stream. Does she really need booty implants?

On Wednesday night she returned to address the drama and her newly exposed lies on her own channel.

Before her Twitch ban Alinity was exposed for lying about her age. Just last week she told her followers that she was 23-years-old, but after the nip slip drama her real age was revealed.

“Yeah, I’m actually 32. I’m going to be transparent from now on. I’m over the drama,” Alinity revealed in Wednesday night’s broadcast.

“Aslo, my boobs are fake and they cost me like USD$2000,” Alinity added.

Alinity then discussed if she was thinking of getting any more work done when she admitted that she plans on getting booty implants next year and a facelift when she’s a little older.

Alinity received a short ban from Twitch for adult conduct after she accidentally exposed one of her nipples during a Just Dance stream. The ban, however, has not changed her demeanour; wearing skimpy revealing clothing, telling crude jokes, and talking about her body.

Alinity’s stream on Wednesday averaged 4000 concurrent viewers but her moderators were quick to deal with trolls calling her out for the nip slip.

Do you think Alinity needs booty implants? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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