Ashley ‘WookieMonster’ Marku in panic as Angry Joe pursues lawsuit


Twitch partner WookieMonster panics and back paddles as Joe Vargas of The Angry Joe Show debunks sexual predatory allegations and brings in lawyers.

WookieMonster’s allegations against The Angry Joe Show host have been picked apart by cynics for having more plot holes than The Last of Us Part II and now that Joe Vargas has brought in a team of lawyers Ashley is in full-blown panic mode.

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A little known Twitch Partner called Ashley ‘WookieMonster’ Marku came out on Twitter with allegations against well respected gaming YouTuber Joe Vargas of The Angry Joe show accusing him of being a predator and ‘trying to coerce’ her into sex.

The allegation against Joe Vargas claims that, at a convention back in 2018, Joe Vargas both mentally and physically forced her to hang around him and attempted to try subliminally manipulate her into maybe having sex. Or at least that is what is assumed as, it has now been confirmed by both parties, sex was never discussed.

Ashley ‘WookieMonster’ Marku, 30-years of old, also revealed — what she considers to be — irrefutable evidence of Joe Vargas being a ‘predatory creep’ in the form of leaked private messages. The messages reveal that Joe thought Ashley looked like a ‘super cuuuttieee’ in her 80s’ cosplay get-up.

Angry Joe with (alleged) girlfriend model Purrluna

Angry Joe Vargas with (assumed) Swedish girlfriend and Twitch partner Purrluna (her Instagram).

Joe Vargas responded by denying and debunking the allegations saying, “this is now a serious legal matter.”

Joe Vargas’s statement reads: “Sexual assault is an alarming accusation and should always be taken seriously. If I or anyone had committed an offence then it should be reported to the police and investigated thoroughly. I urge this person to do that if she believes an offence occurred so I can clear my name. However instead of affording me due process, she decided to post false claims out of the blue more than two years later. The consequence is damage to not only my reputation, career, and brand, but also those whom I employ, my friends and my family – all because many people don’t bother to examine the facts, only the salacious headline.”

30-year-old Ashley "WookieMonster" Marku picture

Ashley “WookieMonster” Marku is 30-years-old and is the girl who Angry Joe Vargas allegedly didn’t sexually assault.

“This is now a serious legal matter. On the advice of my attorneys, all my future statements about this will be through the legal process. My lawyers are sending this person a cease and desist letter. Of course she is free to express her opinions about me all she wants. What she is not allowed to do is lie about me or defame me to the public and suggest that I am a sexual predator when I am not. If her defamation continues, I will be forced to take further legal action,” he concluded.

Ashley ‘WookieMonsterTV’ Marku, albeit maintaining that Joe Vargas is a ‘predatory creep’, has back paddled and seems to be in panic mode.

Ashley ‘WookieMonsterTV’ Marku, 30, aka Queen of the Feeders now says Joe Vargas did not sexually harass her in her sexual harassment allegation.

WookieMonster (Queen of the Feeders) is now taking a break from Twitter (hopefully Twitch too) because of all the backlash and hate she’s getting but vows to keep open communications with any other victims just like her.

What are your thoughts on the WookieMonster vs. Joe Vargas allegations? Believe them… or nah? Let us know in the comments below.

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