Australian streamer, Lynchy, gets struck by magpie in home during stream


Aussie Twitch streamer Lynchy_AU received a shocking surprise during one of his livestreams when a magpie attacked him in his own home.

One of the greatest things about Twitch is the hours and hours of cringe and fail compilations that get uploaded to YouTube. Every day there is something strange happening, and this time it happened to our very own. Watch Lynchy get attacked by an Australian magpie!

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Lynchy was playing Valorant on his Twitch channel when an uninvited winged guest decided to check in on him.

“What the.. hey bro, get out of here!” Lynchy, the Australian Twitch streamer, shouted when noticed a little feathered home invader enter his room.

Before long Lynchy decides to take a seat and alert his stream that a magpie had just flown into his room. “There’s a magpie in here,” he explained. The magpie seemingly didn’t like to be told off as he swooped and attacked the 28-year-old Aussie Twitch streamer.

The magpie struck Lynchy in the head sending his headphones flying. Thankfully, neither party was injured and Lynchy just laughed about the bizarre encounter.

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The Australian magpie is a wonderful and intelligent bird, one of the smartest birds in the world as a matter of fact. They are not really violent but sometimes the male magpie is known to swoop down at people to try and impress the lady magpies like a true chad. In Lynchy’s case, however, the poor magpie may have felt threatened when he stood up.

Magpie’s also have amazing memories, so if you treat them kindly and with love, they won’t forget and potentially spare you when swooping season starts!

Many would consider this an Australian SWATTING considering that doesn’t ever happen in Australia. Instead of the black and blue swatting us, we get the black and white swooping us.

Lynchy, on the other hand, doesn’t have wings, but his channel is certainly taking flight after the magpie incident. He usually streams FIFA and Fortnite around 8PM AEDT on Twitch, so go check this Australian Twitch streamer out.

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