Australian teen Alisa Jae schools adults on gun laws and general politics


Watch Alisa Jae, a conservative 14-year-old girl, school Australians on the fundamentals of freedom, politics and gun control on YouTube.

The liberal party has often been called the the party “rich old white guys”, but up-and-coming young teenage YouTuber Alisa Jae is debunking that video by video.

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A young and aspiring journalist is making waves on YouTube with a series of politically charged commentary videos where she discusses controversial issues such as trans activism, feminism, and — most recently — gun control.

Alisa Jae has put many professional journalists to shame with her well researched and crafted videos and as a result has been accused of being ‘scripted by adults’, and she openly mocks that idea in her own profile.

“I’m that 14-year-old being scripted by adults to make right-wing, propaganda, conspiracy theory videos,” Alisa states on her channel.

Alisa Jae, Australian 14-year-old teen conservative, discusses politics and gun control on YouTube.

In her last video she discusses Australian gun ownership laws and why she thinks that it is necessary for the Australian government to ease up on regulation.

“A lot of Americans look at Australia as a sort of a model for what they want America look like,” Alisa said before showing a clip of Hilary Clinton talking about gun confiscation and explaining why that’s a terrible idea.

She explains why Australian gun owner laws are so needlessly strict by talking about the Port Arthur mass shooting that took place in Tasmania in 1996 which resulted in the national gun-grab.

She then breaks down exactly how strict Australian gun ownership laws are post Port Arthur. “To legally obtain a gun you need to go through a mandatory 28-day waiting period, a mountain of paperwork, and you must also have a firearm license.”

“Australians are not allowed to display any guns at home, and all guns must be stored disassembled in a safe that is bolted to the wall with the ammunition stored in a separate safe.”

Alisa added, “so, even if you do own a gun, forget being able to protect your family with it.”

14-year old Australian teen Alisa Jae slams The Young Turks on Twitter.

Gun laws are very strict in Australia, as Alisa explains in the video, and law enforcers have the legal right to enter your home at any time, unannounced, to inspect your firearm and make sure you are following these rules.

In the 7 minute video the 14-year-old Australian teen elaborates on how guns are perceived differently in Australia than they are in the United States: “When you show an American a gun they see it as a sign of freedom, but when you show an Australian a gun they see it as something that can kill them.”

Alisa Jae has earned 1,400 subscribers with just 7,000 views in a little over a month and her YouTube channel is on an upward trend. She uploads a new video every Friday at 5AM AEST.

She actively engages with her viewers and is happy to talk politics on Twitter and Facebook.

Although Alisa Jae has not publicly endorsed either of Australia’s two big political parties, a lot of her views go hand-in-hand with the conservative Australian Liberal Party… and who knows, maybe one day she’ll become our Prime Minister!

What are your thought on Aussie gun laws? Too strict, fine, or not strict enough? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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