Belle Delphine brought back from the dead by Leafy & she’s on OnlyFans


Everybody’s favourite eGirl and cyber troll, Belle Delphine, has magically reappeared after vanishing from the internet last year thanks to Leafy... and now she’s got an OnlyFans.

Belle Delphine is not dead! She disappeared off the internet after manufactured outrage and false claims against her controversial ‘Gamer Girl Bathwater’ were spread but she’s back again and fans are absolutely thrilled.

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Belle Delphine is not your average eGirl, she is also a savvy entrepreneur with several successful businesses and is most likely one of the wealthiest models in the industry. In many ways she’s a pioneer and has inspired many other girls to follow in her footsteps.

Belle Delphine started as a small Instagram model. It is rumoured that both her and her mysterious partner created the Instagram account to bolster their private businesses which, if true, proved to be a triumph in the end.

Belle Delphine became one of the most famous eGirls after popularising the Japanese-O face consistently scene in anime and hentai known as ‘ahegao’.

She later took to TikTok where her rendition of the ‘Hit or Miss’ meme, originally made famous by NyanNyanCosplay, went viral.

VIDEO: Belle Delphine performs ‘Hit Or Miss’ meme on TikTok.

Belle Delphine than suddenly disappeared after selling her controversial ‘Gamer Girl Bath Water’ which was allegedly water bottled from the a bath she took in one of her TikTok videos. Unsubstantiated rumours started spreading about the effects the water had on some people who purchased it and shortly later she vanished from the face off the internet… but she’s back now!

Belle Delphine returns to OnlyFans with music video

“You were thinking I died, b*tch, surprise!” Belle Delphine isn’t dead: returns with music video revealing new Instagram, TikTok, and OnlyFans after Leafy video.

YouTube commentator and veteran troll Calvin Lee “Leafy” Vail uploaded a video entitled I Slid Into Bell Delphine’s DMs wherein he defends the model by mocking the people who made false allegations against her ‘Gamer Girl Bathwater’.

In the video Leafy explains that he reached out to Delphine to show her respect but instead, in classic Leafy fashion, reveals that the two of them were just exchanging some flirty messages.

The following day Belle tweeted ‘I’m b.. back,” on her official BunnyDelphine Twitter account debuting her very own music track which now has close to 3 million views… and it is as adorable as it is hot.

It’s looks like Bell Delphine will actually resume her old activities and stick around since she revealed her new Instagram, TikTok and NSFW 18+ OnlyFans… and fans should be thrilled to see some new content from her, especially a descent music track with a very raunchy video.

What are your thoughts on the Belle Delphine music video? Let us know in the comments below.

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