Belle Delphine dead trends on Twitter after she goes hardcore/uncensored

Not dead but might need saving: people are worried about Belle Delphine after her “groomer/handler” was debuted in her uncensored videos.

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Marry-Belle “Delphine” Kirschner (Bunny Delphine on Twitter) has turned into a hardcore adult entertainer, the former queen of trolls is now a hardcore adult star. Her fans are worried about her?

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Belle Delphine’s first claim to fame was her hit TikTok video where she recreated NyanNyanCosplay’s performance of Mia Khalifa’s “Hit Or Miss”.

From there she became a massive internet superstar through some outside-the-box marketing strategies.

She made a killing online when she sold small samples of her bathwater marketed as “Game Girl Bathwater” to some of her desperate and obsessive fans. She then disappeared for a year or so after she made international headlines.

Gamer Girl Bathwater
Belle Delphine sold her own bathwater as “Gamer Girl Bathwater” for USD$30 each.

Belle Delphine returned in mid 2020 and teased her OnlyFans account in her raunchy music video “I’m Back!” Fans weren’t expecting a whole lot from the OnlyFans because of her past publicity stunt with the scandalous adult website known as P*rnhub.

Queen of trolls to s*x worker.

In 2018 she announced that she would start uploading adult content to the website and she reached over a million subs in less than a day. Some people were very unhappy to learn that she had trolled them when they discovered that the videos were all clickbait.

That has seemingly changed now. Although Belle Delphine has mostly posted censored pictures and videos to her OnlyFans account, she is now posting very graphic and hardcore videos and images and they are all uncensored.

People were concerned about her wellbeing, some even believed that the person filming Delphine was forcing her to do these things. They called him her “handler” and “groomer”.

Shortly after her “handler” started appearing in her videos with her and Belle Delphine’s OnlyFans account went from only showing lewds and censored nudes to hardcore uncensored explicit content.

Daddy issues?

Delphine insists that she’s doing fine and is doing this all on her own accord, however one particular tweet has people worried.

Marry-Belle says she’s not nervous doing p*rn and that it is normalised. She feels worried.

“Luckily for me I don’t have a dad! And honestly you’d be surprised by how normalised this all becomes when you do this for a long time. I don’t even feel that nervous getting into p*rn, which is kinda worrying. Everybody has s*x, I’m just letting people watch. No biggie, in my honest opinion,” Belle tweeted.

Marry-Belle “Delphine” Kirschner only turned 21-year-old in October this year. Legally she can only have been working in adult entertainment for 3 years. But she’s been active on social media since, at least, 2016 when she opened opened her original YouTube channel “Tinker Belle”.

Belle posted wholesome videos on her original content in early 2016 when she would have been 16-years-old but her content started getting more and more risqué and then the second she turned 18-years-old — like clockwork — she was being filmed by some man doing lewd stuff for money.

Mary-Belle Kirschner 15-years-old
Fatherless Mary-Belle “Belle Delphine” Kirschner looks gothic and troubled at 15-years-old.

Mary-Belle “Belle Delphine” Kirschner herself shared a picture of herself when she was reportedly 15-years-old. She looked like she was perhaps an angsty goth kid, presumably from coming from a single parent household. However, the most chilling evidence in the photo shared by Belle Delphine is that she’s in the same room that a lot of the graphic adult videos and pictures or shot.

Mary-Belle Kirschner may very well be doing this because she wants to, but the the evidence makes it look like she may have been groomed into the adult business. She just turned 21-years-old and has reportedly being dating a mysterious guy since she was a teen.

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