Belle Delphine defends Leafy after his controversial YouTube ban


Mary-Belle Kirschner, better known to her fans as Belle Delphine, has given her two cents on Leafy’s band, and she’s on his side.

The South African-born YouTuber and model provocateur shared her opinion on Twitter about Leafy’s ban and the commentary community as a whole.

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Belle Delphine has often found her selves under heavy, heavy scrutiny by the YouTube commentary community. The British model has had online critics much longer than Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys and there are a lot more videos about her on YouTube.

Belle Delphine has been slammed for some of he questionable — yet genius — marketing choices; like the time she bottled and sold her bathwater as ‘gamer girl water.’

Commentary community has been a lot harsher on Belle

Blatant, and damaging lies, started to surface online of people claiming they got herpes from the water despite the label clearly reading “this water is not for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes.”

Belle Delphine D.Via Overwatch cosplay

Belle Delphine defends Leafy (photo of dVa Overwatch cosplay for her fans on Instagram)

Another YouTuber created a click-bait video claiming that he used a pregnancy test on the water and it came back positive.

However, the rumours were debunked after some people ran tests on the water.

Delphine has never copystriked a video

Unlike Pokimane, Delphine has never abused to the YouTube’s copyright system to strike down videos critical of her, and earlier this morning she expressed her support for Leafy and condemned those who took his channel down.

“I have a lot of commentary video’s [sic] made about me, and personally, I don’t care. I think having free speech and not having to censor your commentary or your opinions is important. I can understand why YouTube and people don’t like Leafy, but I think a warning before a straight ban is something we’d all like to have,” the 20-year-old OnlyFans model tweeted.

Pokimane acting cute

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Leafy had no active community or copyright strikes on his channel at the time of his ban and, allegedly, YouTube made the decision to manually ban him after a representative for a major content creator reached out to them.

YouTube cited the reason for the ban being that he had multiple “severe” policy violations, including bullying, harassing, and threatening other content creators.

Leafy didn’t ‘threaten’ Pokimane

Although Leafy’s content is a bit edgy, it didn’t seem harassing, bullying, or threatening.

Others claim the reason Leafy was banned is because he responded to a joke tweet where someone said “someone needs to kill pokimane.”

Leafy allegedly threatened Pokimane on Twitter

Belle Delphine defends Leafy after his ban for ‘threatening’ Pokimane.

Leafy never threatened or harassed in the aforementioned Tweet but he did engage with a troll who obviously wasn’t being serious. So, if this is the reason he was banned, the actions of your fans — off platform — can also get you banned.

Mary-Belle Kirschner (Belle Delphine) has proven that she has thicker skin than Twitch’s former sweetheart streamer. Pokimane has gone on a month long hiatus after Leafy revealed that she had a boyfriend.

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