CCN publish PewDiePie hit piece calling him a racist 2hrs after his break


Alleged former Rand Paul staffer and CCN contributer, W.E. Messamore, tried to open old wounds when he celebrated PewDiePie’s departure from YouTube by calling him a racist Nazi.

Yes, you read that correctly, CCN — not to be mistaken for CNN — wrote a hit piece on the 110 million subscriber YouTuber, PewDiePie, moments after he uploaded his last video.

Did you know?

PewDiePie had not taken a proper break from YouTube since 2009, and finally, 10 years later, announced that he won’t be making another video for a while in a video titled “It’s been real, but I’m out!

Felix Kjellberg knew that the mainstream media would have a field day with his announcement by misquoting him or exaggerating his statement so he made it clear that he will be coming back. “No, I’m not quitting media, as much they want it, but this is my final video,” Kjellberg revealed.

PewDiePie finally takes a much deserved break from YouTube

CCN PewDiePie hit piece calls him a racist Nazi.

Two hours after the video went live CCN, a website that usually covers the cryptocurrency niche, chimed in. What they had to say was not pretty at all.

The article title itself — Thank God PewDiePie Is Finally Gone by W.E. Messamore — grabs the attention of PewDiePie fans as it celebrates the YouTuber’s departure.

The article reads as a pretty brutal hit piece on the 30-year-old celebrity; calling him a terrible actor, unfunny, and then, of course, a racist Nazi.

“Finally, YouTube won’t be recommending yet another ‘You Laugh You Lose’ video that’s drier than burnt toast. I have never come close to losing any of those challenges, and when Pewds ‘loses’ it’s so forced, he should have made the challenges, ‘You Cringe You Lose.’ Honestly there’s better acting on reality TV dating shows,” Messamore wrote.

“But that’s just the tip of the iceberg,” he continued.

I love PewDiePie, I really do…

Messamore claims to be a huge PewDiePie fan but believes he should take some time off to reflect on the evils he’s done and the controversies he’s caused:

“I actually love PewDiePie. I really do. Which is why I’m glad he’s stepping away from the camera for awhile. After three years of horrifying gaffes and cringe-worthy scandals, he could hopefully benefit from laying low for awhile and getting some rest.”

However, the author’s first remarks on Felix’s content were, “we could all use a break from listening to him scream and snicker through another mind-numbing MineCraft video.”

PewDiePie earned his fame with his Amensia and Minecraft play-through series but today those games do not make the bulk of his content. However, long time fans, and people who actually ‘love PewDiePie‘ have been begging him to make more Minecraft videos for a while now since recently he only uploads one every blue moon.

You’d assume that someone that ‘loves PewDiePie‘ would appreciate the type of content that got him noticed in the first place, wouldn’t you?

CCN author slams PewDiePie for being ‘racist’

Messamore, albeit allegedly loving him, thinks that PewDiePie got off lightly after dropping the N-bomb on his live-stream. He referred to him as ‘the Teflon man’ insinuating that his ‘filth’ just doesn’t stick and he gets away with everything.

PewDiePie says he will quit YouTube

PewDiePie hit piece or harsh reality check?

He then goes on to blast him for his Fiverr bit where he paid a bunch of monies to people on Fiverr in an experiment to see if that would still take his money even though the sign was very offensive. In the actual video PewDiePie condones the message and says, “I’m sure they won’t honour this request, it would be crazy.” But, much to his surprise, they did.

PewDiePie is fake news

Messamore was not pleased when PewDiePie lashed out at the WSJ for writing a smear piece on him and called him ‘an enemy of the free press’.

“As a journalist, it really irked me when PewDiePie mocked the idea that journalism is important to a democratic society. What made it all the more galling was the context. He was making fun of news websites asking users to turn off their ad blockers.”

CCN deletes PewDiePie Nazi general comment

One of the more damning points that Messamore tried to make was that PewDiePie was an actual Nazi. A paragraph, which has now been removed from the article, referred to a time when PewDiePie dressed up as a war general as a skit for one of his videos; something that was then blown out of proportion and taken out of context by the mainstream media.

Messamore suggests that there is a little truth to every joke and that Felix Kjellberg might have been showing his true colours under the guise of a “terrible joke”. Yeah, he basically called PewDiePie a Nazi… is that something that a PewDiePie fan would say?

Is Messamore really a fan or do you guys just think he’s saying that to avoid back lash from his enormous fan base for writing the PewDiePie hit piece? Let us know in the comments below.

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