Saturday, May 15, 2021

Coronavirus Challenge ‘toilet licking girl’ Ava Louise hopes boomers die

A shocking TikTok video went viral of a girl licking a toilet seat on an airplane with the Coronavirus Challenge. She has responded by blaming boomers and wants them to die.

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An Instagram model thought it would be clever to film herself licking a public toilet seat and upload it with the caption Coronavirus Challenge. The alleged ‘fake challenge’ started to trend on Twitter after the video went viral.

There have been reports of other foolish people going along with the ‘fake challenge’ and it outraged many people online and made news headlines.

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The video was filmed by Instagram model Ava Louise who, until the video went viral, wasn’t well known. However, after her gross stunt went viral she had earned thousands of followers on Instagram and Twitter.

Ava Louise bragged on Twitter that despite being massively ridiculed on social media that she was profiting from the video. She uploaded an image revealing that she had almost USD$100,000 in her bank account.

Ava Louise and brother (Coronavirus challenge girl) who licked toilet

Coronavirus Challenge ‘toilet licking girl’ earned $100k from video and hopes boomers die (photo credit realavalouiise)

People continue to criticise her for the video calling in ‘disgustingly dangerous’ as the video was originally upload to TikTok and targeted many impressionable children.

Ava Louise responded to the hate on Twitter in a video. “I don’t regret. I’m not sorry. And I will never apologise for my actions,” the 21-year-old ‘social influencer’ from New Jersey said in her video.

“There’s a reason why the Coronavirus is taking out people over 50, because you ruined our country and our economy,” she continued.

Ava Louise claims she was drunk and celebrating Spring Break when she met a married NFL player and had sex with him. She explains that the reason she licked the toilet seat was to demonstrate how good she licked him.

Despite her controversial TikTok video all of her accounts, including TikTok, remain in good standing and rumour has it that Ava Louise is considering on creating a OnlyFans account.

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