Dr Disrespect not likely to move to small startup Brime [UPDATED]


Herschel “Dr. Disrespect” Beahm IV has finally broken the silence on his Twitch ban and debunks, but ban reason still a mystery.

One of Twitch most viewed streamers got permanently banned on Saturday and, although his last livestream seemed off, he has confirmed that he was not arrested. Evidence seems to suggest that Dr. Disrespect is not launching on the small new startup, Brime.

NEWS: Spotify to take on YouTube with video service later this year.

UPDATE: Brime is a small new start-up staffed by only four people and they do not have an official website yet. The creators alleged that “BRIME” was merely a code name and that they had not yet officially decided on a name.

Further more, the Brime twitter account clarified that they have no connection to the streaming giant Spotify and that they have not drawn up exclusivity contracts for any big streamers like Dr. Disrespect. It makes it highly unlikely that Dr. Disrespect will be streaming on the new startup streaming platform, Brime.

Dr. Disrespect is definitely the most unforgettable and unique streamers on Twitch. His persona, which clearly seems to be a parody of the Donkey Kong champion Billy Mitchell, earned him the spot not only as a beloved online personality but also a a super star celebrity.

That’s why so many people were shocked to see “The Two-Time” get permanently banned from Twitch this Saturday.

It was inevitable that speculations and rumours about Dr. Disrespect’s sudden ban would spread like wildfire, especially after the strange and scary events that took place on his last livestream.

Dr Disrespect not likely to move to small startup Brime [UPDATED]

Dr. Disrespect wasn’t arrested, reportedly launching of Twitch-killer Spotify owned BRIME, a streaming platform, is reason for ban.

The stream highlight shows Dr. Disrespect check his phone and lose character for a moment; he clearly seemed rather distraught when he read it. Moments later glass can be heard shattering in the background and The Doc shouts, “f*ck,” before quickly ending his stream.

This lead to rumours that Herschel “Dr. Disrespect” Beahm IV was raided and rested by federal agents. However, fans were quick to dig up records and there was no proof that the celebrity streamer had been arrested.

24-hours later Dr. Disrespect twitter account posted an updated that addressed the ban that dispelled most of the rumours.

Even after the alleged response from Dr. Disrespect people still think something ‘fishy’ is going on. YouTuber and Drama Alert host, Daniel “Keemstar” Keem says that he doesn’t buy it at all.

“This is absolutely impossible to believe! I do not believe one word of it , something fishy is going on!” Keem said in response to Dr. Disrespect’s Tweet.

There’s a new speculation that Dr. Disrepect was approached by by Spotify to help them launch their own streaming service called Brime and that he’d approached multiple streamers including Ninja and Shroud and, when Twitch caught wind of this, they immediately terminated his contract.

A post on 4chan backed these claims up by stating that the new streaming platform owned by Spotify was allegedly supposed to launch on Monday, June 29th.

“Twitch is going full damage control in an attempt to drag Google into lawsuits in order to prevent and/or taint their launch,” the post reads.

Brime official Twitter says ‘don’t look too much into who they follow because it’s not evidence.’

Spotify are planning on taking on YouTube with their brand new video service that is set to launch later this year and they’ve booked the world’s largest podcast host, Joe Rogan, to launched it with them. It could be very likely that they’re now taking on Twitch and getting some of the larger streamers to help them launch Brime.

Twitch have allegedly not given Dr. Disrespect a reason for his ban leaving him completely in the dark. If the rumours are true and he’s working with Spotify to launch their new streaming service. However, the new startup called Brime has no association with Spotify.

This weekend an anonymous source tipped us off that the woman with whom Dr. Disrespect cheated is now claiming sexual abuse, and she wants to keep things quiet until she’s filed an official report, but then again, that is also just speculation.

Sadly, it’s not looking good for Dr. Disrespect as his future on Twitch looks like its over for good.

If the rumours prove to be true and Dr. Disrespect is helping with the launch of Spotify’s new streaming service, would you follow him over there? Let us know in the comments below.

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