FaZe Rain in pain and says he’s crippled after doing too many drugs


Nordan ‘FaZe Rain’ Shat recently changed his name on Twitter to Pain and warned his fans of the long term effects of drug abuse.

Former Call of Duty pro-gamer Nordan Shat, better known as FaZe Rain, warned people to not do drugs and explained how they’ve ruined his life.

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The 24-year-old Canadian YouTuber on Twitter admitted that he has many regrets about his past. He’s now scared that he’ll never recover.

“Please quit the benzos and opioids [sic],
Rain warned.

“I’m posting this because I have severe nerve damage. All I know now is pain. I cant walk anymore and get 30 seizures a day. If I knew this was possible, Id never have been a f*ckboy with drugs. Learn from me. You don’t want this! I can’t handle it,” he tweeted.

FaZe co-founder on drugs.

Nordan Shat shot to popularity after he co-founded the Call of Duty clan FaZe. He earned his first million as a young teenager through YouTube and corporate sponsorship and that’s what ultimately led to his party-animal lifestyle.

FaZe fans were growing increasingly concerned with FaZe Rain’s health after he posted a series of tweets talking about depression and death.

FaZe Rain smoking

FaZe Rain party-boy lifestyle has taken a toll on him as he now believes the drugs have crippled him.

Rain’s former team mates and friends spoke out about his concerned behaviour and social media which lead to him admitting that his actions of late were due to drugs.

Nordan warned people about the long term effects of drug abuse and begged his fans to learn from his mistakes.

“I cannot walk anymore. I can only move when I call an ambulance to take me somewhere,” Rain added. “Trust not having basic motor functions and not being able to do little basic tasks makes you realise a lot.”

Will FaZe Rain ever walk again?

Yes. What Nordan “FaZe Rain” Shat is describing is withdrawals. Opioids and Benzodiazepines (benzos) are extremely addictive drugs.

Nordan Shat high

Nordan’FaZe Rain’ Shat clearly high on drugs and now he believes he’s crippled for life after doing too many drugs.

Opioid withdrawal develops after the body has become accustomed to a certain level of the drug. Symptoms of opioid withdrawal include anxiety, nausea, vomiting or abdominal pain.

What FaZe Rain is experiencing is merely pain that is restricting his movement and while symptoms can be severe, they aren’t life-threatening.

As long as Nordan ‘FaZe Rain’ Shat stays clean, he should make a full recovery.

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