GROSS: Weird stain on Anisa Jomha’s top has a lot of people grossed out


YouTube provocateur Brittany Venti discovered a gross stain on a top Anisa Jomha was wearing. Believes it may be from iDubbbz.

Anisa Jomha was a relatively small “booby streamer” until she started dating one of YouTube’s biggest content creator Ian “iDubbbz” Carter. Now she is one of the most popular “models” on OnlyFans, but not very professional.

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When Anisa Jomha announced that she was creating an OF at the start of the year, and her boyfriend iDubbbz approved, we knew 2020 was going to be a weird one.

iDubbbz, known to be one of the edgiest and controversial content creators on YouTube, had often criticised “ethots” and “camgirls”. He even told his girlfriend not to hangout with two former YouTubers turned adult entertainers, Zoie Burgher and friends. He told Anisa Jomha to stay clear of the “Hoe Squad”.

Now Anisa Jomha, his girlfriend of several years, is an adult entertainer, although she prefers to be called an entrepreneur.

Idubbbz and his girlfriend Jomha
Idubbbz and his girlfriend Anisa, the .

She takes her clothes off for men who are willing to pay, and poses in sexually provocative ways with nothing but small emojis covering her ladybits.

Anisa Jomha says she doesn’t do nudes, but she practically is nude in most photos bar the emoji censorship.

From the leaked and teased pictures that Anisa Jomha allegedly posted on OF it is clear there is very little skill involved in her work. Most of her photos are out of focus and are very low resolution. Even Anisa herself seems unkempt at times, especially in one of her last photos.

Anisa Jomha cleavage stain
Anisa Jomha, unprofessional OF model, posts picture of top with a GROSS stain on it.

YouTube provocateur Brittany Venti spotted a curious stain on her top on photo she posted on Twitter. The gross stain is white and appears right above her cleavage. The YouTuber hinted that stain might be bodily flued of her boyfriend Ian “iDubbbz” Carter.

“She should be mature enough at her age to not make a slip up like this,” Brittany tweeted.

Others think that stain might not be what Venti thinks it is.

The stain could simply be toothpaste, but the size and placement of the stain, also other things, has most believing it isn’t.

Regardless, the stain showcases just how unprofessional Anisa Jomha is when it comes to being a “model”. She should step up her game if she wants people to respect her as an entrepreneur.

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