Ian Carter aka Idubbbz slammed for hypocrisy and called ‘cuck’


Idubbbz has been exposed telling his now adult entertainer girlfriend, Anisa Jomha, to not associate with adult entertainers because it makes them look bad.

The popular YouTuber who is known for his harsh takes and brutal criticism of other’s content (Content Cop) has been caught in a bit a scandal and is now being called a ‘cuck’ by many of his former fans.

The scandal involves his current girlfriend, Anisa Jomha (AnnieJay) turned fiance, opening an OnlyFans account where she sells her nudes for money. The Content Cop YouTuber had previously been very critical of that world.

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The internet was very surprised when Idubbbz’ girlfriend announced that she had a ‘lewd Twitter and OnlyFans account’ early in February, 2020.

Piggybacking of her success as a League of Legends Twitch streamer and YouTuber with over 200,000 fans, her ‘lewd account grew quickly and she now has over 1,000 OnlyFans subscribers in less than one month.

When confronted by curious fans about her relationship with Idubbbz, Anisa Jomha revealed that they were happier than ever and that Ian Carter was ‘very supportive’ of her decision to open up a OnlyFans account.

Ian Carter aka Idubbbz exposed and called ‘cuck’ by fans.

However, controversial Twitch streamer Brittany Venti dug up footage of the Anisa Jomha claiming the opposite in one of her old live streams making Idubbbz seem like a hypocrite and, what many are now calling him, a ‘cuck’.

The aforementioned footage was edited into career ending meme by Brittany Venti and published on her Twitter and YouTube in a two part series. It reveals that Idubbbz explicitly instructed Anisa Jomha not to accept an invitation to hang out with Zoie Burgher, the mother of egirls, and Celestia Vega because it would make her look bad.

“I have no interest in joining ‘Zoie’s hoe squad,” Anisa said on her livestream right after confirming that Idubbbz did not want her associating with them.

Anisa Jomha had earned a reputation as being a ‘boobie streamer’ on Twitch for having her cleavage as the main focal point during her Twitch livestreams. At the time Zoie Burgher and Celestia Vega were adult models who, in a similar fashion, used Twitch to kick-start their careers as adult entertainers.

Zoie Burgher was originally banned from Twitch for sexual content before she made her move to YouTube where she was slammed by Idubbbz for twerking for donations in see-through shorts while playing Call of Duty.

Is Ian ‘Idubbbz’ Carter a hypocrite? Let us know what you think in the comments below.

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