ItsPinkie, banned ‘queefing’ Twitch streamer, supported by CliffyB

Twitch suspended Twitch streamer for queefing but CliffyB thinks it was hilarious content.

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Gears of War designer Cliff “CliffyB” Bleszinski supports ItsPinkie after being suspended on Twitch for ‘queefing’ on demand during stream.

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A female Twitch streamer known as ItsPinkie has been temporarily suspended off Twitch, almost immediately after a clip of her ‘queefing’ on command during her stream went viral on Twitter. Twitch has not commented on the ban but Gears developer/designer Cliff Bleszinski has.

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A popular Twitch streamer known as ItsPinkie or ItsPinkieTV has a unique talent which she calls “front butt flatulence” (aka queefing) and would go on to happily demonstrate it in front of her audience.

“Yeah, I can literally queef on command,” ItsPinkie said before bringing her Blue Yeti microphone close to here nether region.

“Did you hair the air go into my v*gina? Let me push it out,” she continued, while letting it out with a loud farting sound.

Queefs are too s*xy for Twitch.

The clip went viral shortly after it was posted on Twitter and thousands of outraged people criticised Twitch’s double standards for letting this type of content pass on their platform. As a result ItsPinkie was suspended from the platform for a whole month. However, Twitch later reduced the sentence to only 3 days.

ItsPinkie aka ItsPinkieTV screenshot

Popular Twitch streamer and YouTuber Charles “Cr1TiKaL” White Jr uploaded a video to his channel slamming the people who reported ItsPinkie for ‘queefing’ while disagreeing with Twitch’s decision to suspend her.

“This causes such a big stir on Twitter for some reason,” Charles said in the video he uploaded to his Penguinz0 YouTube channel.

“A saw a bunch of streamer — partnered streamers and streamer journalists — also talking about this saying ‘this is so disgusting that Twitch would allow this type of content on their site’. I don’t believe it. I don’t get how this would be grounds for a ban. It’s not different to when xQc juices a big fart on stream, or me…” he added.

Others have also criticised Twitch for suspending ItsPinkie for ‘queefing’ during her livestream.

“Imagine thinking women have any control over queefing. There is a hole between our legs. Air gets in there sometimes. And sometimes it comes out and makes noise. Holy fu*ck stop shaming women for it,” one supporter Tweeted.

Cliff “CliffyB” Bleszinski things queefing is hilarious!

Even American video game designer known for the Gears of War series, Cliff Bleszinski aka CliffyB, chimed in.

“The reactions to this are all over the board. People giving her crap for it, who cares? It’s hilarious. And the thirsty bois are f*ckin’ gold ‘I wish I was that mic”‘ I’m dead,” Cliff Bleszinski aka CliffyB tweeted.

GEARS developer

There are no rules against farting or even ‘queefing’ on livestream but apparently Twitch administrators suspended ItsPinkie for violating there Community Guidelines on s*xual content.

However, ItsPinkie herself does not seem to be bothered about the suspension in the slightest.

“Guys chill it’s only a 3 day ban because twitch just HAD to please the crowds, thankfully it’s during my weekend anyways! But yeah I guess that means XQC needs to be banned too for his farting into mics as well lmao,” the Twitch streamer tweeted in response to the support.

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