Jeffree Star slammed for “contrived” YouTube apology video


Cosmetics tycoon and fashion YouTuber Jeffree Star is being bombarded with harsh criticism following his apology video to James Charles.

Jeffree Star has finally address the Dawson versus Charles controversy, however, a lot of people aren’t happy with what he said, and now he’s being slammed.

RUMOUR: “Won’t stop til he’s dead!” James Charles reportedly conspired against Dawson.

The 34-year-old entrepreneur and YouTube star made headlines when he partnered with Shane Dawson to release a makeup ballet based on and inspired by Shane’s conspiracy video series.

The entire process was documented, although a few fans were disappointed that the the promised 8 part series was never properly concluded as ended on episode 6. Many believe that the duo lost interest seeing the success of their new products and decided they didn’t need further advertising.

Recently Shane Dawson has been the primary target of cancel culture advocates. Decade old footage of Shane Daweson saying and doing some questionable and edgy things have resurfaced, including a video of him ‘blackfacing’ to do a parody of a Will Smith track.

Jada Pinkett Smith

Polyamerous Jada Pinkett Smith lashes out at Shane Dawson for 14-year-old video about Willow Smith.

Another thing that has rubbed people the wrong way is Shane’s demeanour towards children. Several leaked videos show him being inappropriate around minors.

One video in particular, which is now 14 years old, shows the creator jokingly pleasure himself to a poster of 12-year-old Willow Smith at a train-station. The video resulted in Willow’s mother, Jada Pinkett Smith, and her brother, Jaden Smith, speaking out against his former actions and whole-heartedly condemning them.

The controversy has led to several retailers pulling Shane’s merch from their shelves and YouTube demonetising all of his channels essentially ending his career. A move a lot consider to be very harsh.

Jeffree Star slammed for cosy and smug James Charles apology video entitled “Doing What’s Right,” but shows support for his friend Shane Dawson.

After the controversy reached a boiling point on Twitter, a former friend of Shane’s made a video where she alleged that Dawson is manipulative and forced her to lie, in one of her videos, about James Charles.

None of the allegations against Dawson and Star have been confirmed and people are still sceptical on her allegations, claiming she’s just doing it to remain relevant.

Jeffree Star has finally broken his silence on both Shane Daweon and James Charles in a YouTube apology video entitled “Doing What’s Right,” but people aren’t impressed.

The Kpop fan community, in particular, seem to have problems with him remaining friends with Shane Dawson after his old ‘blackface’ videos resurfaced.

Other, more rational critics, say that the whole apology feels contrived and conspicuous because Jeffree Star appears to be flaunting his wealth while doing some sneaking modelling on the side.

Jeffree also attempts to grandstand by virtue signalling about some divisive political issues, and it doesn’t seem to be the place or time for it.

To Jeffree Star’s credit, though, he does stand by his friend Shane Dawson despite the controversy. “He is one of my best friends… he is genuine, amazing, he’s selfless. And he’s one of the most kind people that I have ever met in my entire world.”

Many others have come forth sharing their stories and experiences with Shane Dawson ultimately painting him in a positive light and reaffirming Star’s comments.

James Charles is yet to respond to the Jeffree Star apology video, and Shane Dawson and his fiancee Ryland Adams have gone completely dark.

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