Leafy banned from Twitch if he continues virus conspiracy talk


Leafy was warned when he started talking about virus conspiracy theories on his latest Twitch stream with GradeA UnderA. Could be banned.

Leafy is considering on making a permanent move to Twitch after he was banned off YouTube for reasons unknown. However, he’ll have to be very careful because he’s already angered a few top streamers.

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Leafy (LeafyIsHere) seems to be killing it on Twitch TV. The former YouTuber is easily averaging around 10,000 viewers on the platform, despite having some enemies on that side.

The 24-year-old controversial content creator is still trying to adjust to becoming a full-time Twitch streamer. He’s currently struggling to make his streams last longer than an hour, and is worried because it’s him speaking unfiltered.

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During a Skype call with YouTube animator GradeA UnderA, Leafy admitted that he’s having troubles adjusting to Twitch. “After, like, an hour I just run out of stuff to talk about,” he said.

GradeA UnderA recommended that he should play some casual games where he could still interact with his chat. But what Leafy was truly worried about is letting something accidentally slip on Twitch and getting banned “back to back.”

Old friends finally reunite.

GradeA surveyed Leafy’s chat about their opinion on “the cough” before Leafy (LeafyIsHere) joked about making a conspiracy video trying to convince people that the virus was fake just to annoy YouTube.

LeafyIsHere, Billy The Fridge, Seattle

Leafy (LeafyIsHere) with his friend from Seattle Billy The Fridge.

Instantly, Leafy received a warning that Twitch administrators were keeping a close eye on his stream and that he might get banned for talking about the virus.

“I’m having trouble adapting, I’ve been in a time capsule,” Leafy told his old friend from Seattle known as Billy The Fridge.

He feels he’s going to get Twitch banned.

“I’m just so scared that they are going to to ban me for anything,” he said while rightfully believing that Twitch have it out for him.

Some of the biggest Twitch streamers celebrated after Leafy was banned from YouTube, going as far as calling him a racist bully, and said that he has no place on Twitch. There’s a good chance that the fans of these Twitch streamers will target Leafy to try to get him off the platform.

Leafy currently has 243,077 followers on Twitch but, surprisingly, isn’t partnered. You can catch him live daily as LeafyLive on his journey to becoming a proper full-time streamer.

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