Leafy is making a comeback after iDubbbz video, Keemstar confirms


Calvin Lee Vail’s (LeafyIsHere) YouTube was pretty much dealt the death sentence after Idubbbz’ Content Cop. However, he is allegedly returning.

Daniel “Keemstar” Keem confirmed that the godfather of edgy roast commentary is planning on responding to Idubbbz’ video entitled ‘sex-workers – idubbbz complains’.

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The 24-year-old YouTuber who is behind LeafyIsHere received an onslaught of hate after Ian “iDubbbz” Carter disseminated his videos in a now deleted Content Cop episode. Still today, iDubbbz take-down of Leafy is considered one of the most brutal YouTube call-outs ever.

Leafy did respond by saying that he ‘didn’t really care what iDubbbz thought’ of his content, despite it taking him over a month to make an official response, and tried to continue releasing YouTube videos on the regular.

Idubbbz video responds to Anisa Jomha OnlyFans cuck

iDubbbz “I’m not your dad” — Leafy is making a comeback in 2020.

Unfortunately iDubbbz criticism had a lasting impact on his channel and his views kept dwindling with every upload. Leafy went from being one of the most viewed YouTubers on the platform to someone who struggled to get 250,000 views per video. Then, in 2018, the content creator went on hiatus and stopped uploading content to his channel.

Drama Alert host, Keemstar, today confirmed on Twitter that Leafy is planning on making a comeback in 2020 and will be uploading a video in response the ‘ ‘sex-workers – idubbbz complains’. Many former iDubbbz fans believe that this is the perfect time for him to return to the platform, especially now that it seems as though iDubbbz, despite calling Leafy a hypocrite, is a hypocrite.

Ian Carter failed to address the real question in his last video and instead insisted on insulting those who were upset at him for being a ‘cuck’.

Calvin Lee Vail Leafy LeafyIsHere 2020

Calvin Lee plans to respond in a comeback video on his LeafyIsHere channel.

iDubbbz had previously called out Zoie Burgher, and company, for being ‘hoes’ because they twerked for donations on YouTube. He later even demanded that his current girlfriend, Anisa Jomha, who is now one of the most popular sex-workers on OnlyFans, should not hang out with Zoie Burgher’s ‘hoe squad’ because it would make her look bad.

In many ways Anisa Jomha, or Annie Jay, is doing exactly what Zoie Burgher’s ‘hoe squad’ was doing back in the day, yet iDubbbz now has nothing to say on the matter and supports his girlfriend unconditionally by saying ‘there’s no such thing as a special pussy.’

Many people are aching for a Leafy return. Love him or hate him, he reminds a lot of people of the golden days of YouTube. He might exactly be what YouTube needs right now.

What are your thoughts? Is iDubbbz a hypocrite? Looking forward to the Leafy 2020 comeback? Let us know in the comments below.

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