Leafy’s new video calling out H3H3 has more likes than H3H3


Leafy premiered a 3 minute, low effort, video where he calls out Ethan Klein of H3H3productions. It now has more likes than their last video.

Leafy (LeafyIsHere) disappeared off the internet after he was targeted by Ian “iDubbbz” Carter in his Content Cop series. The tables have now turned and iDubbbz has been exposed for his hypocrisy ultimately paving a way for a Leafy return.

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In 2016 Leafy was the king of controversial call-out commentary. He copped a lot of flak for ‘bullying kids’ but a lot of his fans defended his actions claiming, “if you are going to do stupid crap online, expect to be called out for it.”

Things came to an abrupt end for the YouTube content creator when Ian “iDubbbz” Carter made a Content Cop video not only criticising his content but also making fun of his appearance.

Leafy returns to YouTube after being slammed by H3H3

Leafy calls out H3H3 in his new video: “fat, disgusting, piece of crap.”

After the video went viral thousands of people harassed Leafy every day in his comments section echoing iDubbbz remarks about his chin. Some iDubbbz fans even took things too far; Leafy got his Twitter account and Snap Chat hacked, and very personal photos of both him and his girlfriend were leaked.

Some people even managed to find out where he lived and leaked his personal information online.

Understandably Leafy decided to bow out of the spotlight and continued to live his life devoid of online harassment.

The Leafy Content Cop video has since been deleted of YouTube due their recent updated policies regarding harassment, and since then iDubbbz has sort of faded from relevancy. Then, in a strange turn of events, iDubbbz — who has been very vocal against ‘boobie streamers’ — made a video supporting his girlfriend’s decision to become a porn star.

“I’m not your dad,” iDubbbz said to those who were disappointed to see him become a hypocrite. “I don’t want you to look up to me.”

His response has been highly criticised by many of his former fans and the video now has 230,000 dislikes… making it his most disliked video, ever.

Leafy’s new video: Calls Ethan Klein a fat, disgusting, piece of craap.

Ethan Klein decided to chime in on the drama by calling iDubbbz critics ‘unf*ckable incels‘ in his podcasts. Leafy has made a low effort follow up video calling Ethan Klein of H3H3 “a fat, disgusting, piece of crap.” That video now has more views and likes than H3H3Productions last video.

H3H3Productions views have been on steadily declining every since Ethan has decided to divide his fan base by being political.

The new video is quickly reaching 2 million proving that there are many people out there eagerly waiting his official return. You can follow Leafy on his new Twitter account here.

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