Saturday, May 15, 2021

Neekolul disavows Lil Pump and says she’s scared of Trump supporters

Neekolul lashed out at American rapper Lil Pump after he endorsed Trump and said that she’s “scared for her life” when she sees a Trump/Pence flag.

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Neekolul, the far-leftist streamer who earned her first million taking advantage of capitalism, is not happy at all, and she wants her fans to know that if you support Trump you’re not welcome in her life.

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Neekolul reportedly took a sizeable pay check from the democratic party earlier this year as she’s been actively campaigning for Biden/Harris on social media and during her live-streams.

Neekolul become famous with her “OK boomer” TikTok video where she was seeing sporting a Bernie Sanders shirt. Shortly after her fame, the 24-year-old social Twitch streamer, Neekolul, confirmed that she was cheering for Bernie Sanders in the democratic race.

neekolul boobs
But… but… true Neekolul fans are not here for “these kinds” of pictures. We love her for her personality. /s

When asked about the other democratic candidates she wasn’t impressed and referred to Joe Biden as a “creepy pervert”. Strangely now, she is all-in for Biden and is going so far as harassing her fellow fans who do not share the same political views as her.

Neekolul has often said that she believes that Trump supporters are like modern-day Nazis yet has refused to comment on ANTIFA and their blatant acts of terrorism.

Today she even took it one step further when she expressed that her country doesn’t feel safe any more and that every time she sees a Trump/Pence or a Thin Blue Line flag she fears for her life.

lil pump votes for trump
American rapper Lil Pump endorses Donald J Trump for president, now Neekolul hates him.

“Driving home and seeing all those trucks with the Trump/Pence and Thin Blue Line flags on my street makes me scared for my life. I don’t feel safe in this country any more,” Neeko tweeted.

People were quick to point out that the “Thin Blue Line” flags were just citizens showing their support for their local law enforcement and encouraged her to engage with the crowd and ask them questions instead of fearing them.

“Just approach one of them and ask them why they are waving those flags. You’ll be surprised, most Trump supporters aren’t as bad as you believe,” one follower responded.

Neekolul received a lot of criticism for her Tweet and deleted it just moments later but kept continuing to post her political takes.

Referencing a popular video game, Neekolul tweeted “Vote orange out, he’s sus,” followed by an orange emoji.

spookylul tweet 2
Neekolul politics tweet: take one.

The tweet seemed a little racially insensitive considering she was encouraging people to not vote for someone based on their skin colour.

She later doubled down on divisive racial issue by lashing out at the American rapper known as Lil Pump for endorsing Donald J Trump and attending his rally.

spookylul tweet 1
Neekolul politics tweet: take two… oh crap… losing followers!

The conversation that followed is that Lil Pump is racist because “he’s not black and says the n-word”.

However, the Neekolul fanbase is not really enjoying her political pandering and just want her to make sexual suggestive TikTok videos for their entertainment.

Nicole “Neekolul” Sanchez is losing likes by the thousands with every political take, as can be seen by one of her non-political tweets were she simply says “boobs”.

neeko boobs tweet
… and fix it with one simple tweet about what your true fans really want!

This simple tweet from October 19, 2020, where Neekolul says but one word “boobs” has close to 100,00 likes where as her tweets on politics barely make 10% of that.

Neekolul’s true fans have spoken up and they want her to shut up about politics already and just keep acting dumb and wearing hyper-sexualised outfits while making cringey TikTok videos.

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