Neekolul exposed poor shaming low income earners in shocking Tweet


Neekolul became famous for the ‘OK boomer’ TikTok video wherein she endorsed current socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders, but before her fame she did not believe in ‘hand outs’.

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Neekolul exposed! Neekolul is married to a wealthy man who spoils her rotten. The presumed 30-something-year-old entertainer admitted that her partner spend ‘a lot money’ on her fake breasts.

Neekolul wears designer clothes and has a high-end gaming PC that costs several thousand of dollars, and this all came before she was making big money from her livestream donations.

While living the high life and living it large, old Tweets prove that Neekolul did not exactly believe in ‘charity’ or ‘handouts’.

Neeko made a Twitter rant about how entitled waiters are, stating that it’s not her responsibility to pay them.

Neekolul 30-years-old

Is Neekolul really 22? Neekolul exposed poor shaming low income earners in shocking Tweet, 2017.

“Get an actual job that pays minimum wage. I’m not giving hand outs that they feel entitled to because they brought me one drink and a plate,” Neekolul Tweeted in 2017.

Some of her fans were absolutely shocked with what she had to say about low income earning wait staff. One fan responded that they didn’t go get a waiting job to become rich of tips, but just to make-ends-meet as it was the only available option.

Tweet exposes Neekolul poor shaming low income earners

Neekolul responded: ” Hahaha. Tell me where you work so I can go there and NOT tip you because I’m not obligated to. Go find a real job that pays minimum wage.”

Despite the outrage from fans, the socialist TikTok star doubled down, adding: “‘Hey, Home Depot isn’t paying me minimum wage so the customer better tip my because I walked them to where the hammers are.’ Oh, but the taxes?! We all pay them!”

Neekolul’s perspective on hand outs has apparently changed right now considering that she encouraged ‘simping‘ (donatiions) on her channel and is currently endorsing a socialist for president.

What are your thoughts on Neekolul’s comments? Is she right? Is she wrong? Let us know in the comments below.

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