Neekolul reveals how she looks with no makeup and admits to boob job


The now famous ‘OK boomer girl’ has been kicking up controversy on Twitch, revealing her boyfriend paid for her boob job and lying about her age.

Despite losing followers in the tens of thousands Neekolul aka ‘OK Boomer girl’ is still going strong on Twitch. And despite her anti-capitalist views, Neekolul still wants her fans to ‘simp for her’.

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The 20-something Tik Tok star turned political commentator earned herself a lot of followers when a video of her dancing to ‘OK boomer’ in a blue Bernie 2020 campaign crop top.

Neekolul, whose real identity still remains a mystery, now uses the opportunity to lecture her new found followers on politics. In her latest stream she went on a tirade against the wealthy and suggested that people should go on a Joker style riot and ‘eat the rich’.

Neeklolul also shared a picture of herself claiming that she wasn’t wearing any makeup.

Neekolul fake no makeup selfie

Neekolul reveals how she looks with no makeup and admits to boob job.

However, her followers were quick to dig up a picture of what she actually looked like without makeup making people suspect that she may be in her mid 30s.

Did Neekolul lie about her age. Is she closer to 35?

How old is Neeolul? 35?

Neekolul no makeup pics make her look a lot older.

The picture above was taken from one of Neekolul’s old YouTube videos. Neekolul has decided not to reveal her actual age but hinted that it is somewhere between 20-25. But after people saw the video above they believed she didn’t want to reveal her age because she is closer to her 30s and might even be a mother.

Neekolul confirms her boobs are fake

Neekolul also addressed criticism about her wardrobe when someone accused her of wearing a push-up bra to get more cleavage. She responded by denying that she wears a push-up bra and claimed that her boyfriend paid ‘a lot of money’ to get her a boob job.

Neekolul reveals she got an expensive boob job.

“Someone commented ‘that bombshell bra putting in work’. It’s called a boob job, you f**ing idiot. I didn’t pay good money for you to think it’s a bra, you stupid piece of sh*t,” she tweeted in January.

Neekolul confirms fake tits got boob job

Her viewers have since called the Tik Tok/Twitch streamer out on ‘not practising what she preaches’.

“You demand that your followers simp you so you can get rich but you hate rich people?” One person wrote, while another questioned her on her expensive boob job, “you hate capitalism yet paid for an expensive boob job. I hate to break it to you but your universal healthcare bill will not cover boob jobs.”

Neekolul has doubled down on her political stance and is still endorsing American socialist presidential candidate Bernie Sanders.

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