Ninja gets drunk on Undead Pale Ale while streaming and it’s hilarious


World’s most popular live streamer Richard “Ninja” Belvins seems to be settling nicely into his new home on Mixer; cuts loose, drinks brews, and sings tunes.

Ninja was playing some Fortnite with his 17-year-old buddy Malichi “Reverse2k” Greiner this morning (Australia time) and kicking but as per usual… but then, after a few beers, things got a bit strange… but super entertaining.

Did you know?

Ninja moved from Twitch to Mixer last year in what reportedly was a multi-million dollar deal. Paul Denino, former owner of the now defunct Cx network and IRL streamer, claimed that the deal that Ninja struck with Mixer was over USD$20 mill.

Ninja gets drunk streaming Fortnite.

Since his move to Mixer, Ninja has seen a drastic drop in viewership which might suggest that Twitch viewer totals are highly inflated due to bots.

Belvins, who used to average 80,000 viewers per stream on Twitch, barely had 9,000 viewers on his Mixer channel this morning. Despite lower than average viewers, the 28-year-old Fortnite streamer was in good spirits drinking Zombie Dust Undead Pale Ale while playing with his mate Reverse2k.

Ninja gets drunk on stream

While sporting a Red Bull branded bandanna, Ninja reached into a conveniently placed Red Bull branded mini-fridge, fully stocked with Red Bull and grabbed himself… a Zombie Dust Undead Pale Ale.

Zombie Dust Undead Pale Ale is a strooong alcoholic beverage sitting at 6.2 ABR; a few of them is enough to even make the manliest of men a bit drunk. After a couple it was clear that Ninja was feeling it.

“My body clock is like hyper. I can drink hardcore alcohol, like more alcoholic content than most humans can consume, go to bed at 4AM and wake up at 9AM,” Ninja admitted about his drinking habits.

After serenading his viewers with a beautiful rendition of Rick Astley’s “Never Gonna Give You Up” Ninja jumped straight back into game and, surprisingly, his Fortnite skills were not impaired.

He did have one short match where both him and Reverse2k got dropped pretty quickly, but everyone has a bad game. After this it was clear that no amount of alcohol can make Ninja chill after being killing; forever a bit of sore loser.

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