Paul Denino, aka Ice Poseidon, demands USD$2 mill Mixer partnership


The former Twitch Runescape streamer is trying his luck on Microsoft’s live streaming service but demands USD$2 mill to take it seriously.

Paul Denino, the once mega popular Twitch streamer known as Ice Poisoden who earned his fame playing the free-to-play MMORPG Runescape on Twitch, has been struggling to find a streaming platform that he’s happy to call home.

Did you know?

Ice Poseidon used to easily pull tens of thousands of viewers to his live-streams but he struggled to consistently hold 1000 on his Mixer account. Denino went from being a Runescape streamer to a pioneer of what we know today as IRL (In Real Life) streaming.

His sudden growth in popularity attracted a lot of trolls who would doxx his guests, make fraudulent phone calls to law enforcement agencies, and harass establishments that the streamer would visit and live-stream from.

Ice Poseidon banned from Twitch

Paul Denino was permanently banned from Twitch after live-streaming from an airport and deliberately revealing the information of his flight and which gate he was at. His actions resulted in trolls calling in a bomb threat which claimed that Denino was carrying explosives in his backpack. The event made international headlines and Twitch responded by permanently banning the popular live-streamer from their platform.

Ice Poseidon wants million dollar Mixer partnership

Ice Poseidon banned, now demands Mixer partnership

Although many stood behind the streamer and still believe that he did nothing wrong, Twitch — and many others — believe that he should have a duty of care while streaming in public, especially considering the controversy that usually surrounds his channel.

Paul Denino YouTube contract failed

Shortly after, Paul Denino was offered a contract with YouTube, of which the details were never revealed, but he failed to pull the same viewership that he did on Twitch. His numbers quickly dwindled and the once popular Twitch streamer, dubbed the ‘king of controversy,’ faded into obscurity.

Ice Poseidon is now streaming on Mixer because two of his female house mates are, as he puts it, “Mixer partners who are making big money and ready to f*** around.”

Paul Denino wants a bigger Mixer deal

In his Mixer live stream on Saturday evening Denino mocked Mixer and YouTube by saying that nobody takes these platforms seriously. “Only delinquents stream on YouTube, it’s a joke. And nobody takes Mixer seriously,” said Denino.

“Hello, Microsoft. I’m streaming on your little baby platform and you’re giving out USD$50 mil contracts to these basic streamers to boost your views by 2%. Give me USD$2 mill and I’ll do a lot more than 2%,” Denino said in a rant about to Mixer’s CEO.

Ice Poseidon assured Mixer that he would take the platform seriously if they agreed to a partnership deal of USD$2 mill, to which he considers pocket change for a corporation like Microsoft.

Are you an Ice Poseidon fan? You can catch him live streaming on Microsoft’s Mixer platform from time to time.

Should Mixer partner Ice Poseidon for USD$2 million? Let us know what your thoughts are in the comment below.

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