PewDiePie returns: Video breaks YouTube and is trending number 1


PewDiePie is finally back from his much deserved 1 month YouTube break and the fresh-faced YouTuber’s video breaks records just hours after upload.

Felix (PewDiePie) and Marzia Kjellberg went on holiday in January and they are finally back and trending. The couple spent some of the time apart on different sides of the globe but they’re back together now.

PewDiePie’s farewell video ‘It’s been real but I’m out’ went on to be viewed over 24 million times and it looks like his first video back is about to get even more views.

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It’s obvious that Felix and Marzia were sorely missed during their first proper vacation in the past 10 years. During their absence PewDiePie’s official sub-Reddit turned into the world’s largest cooking forum… and then a gardening forum… and then… well, you get the picture.

Fans used the time of his absence to creatively turn his sub-Reddit into their own little meme. It even made headlines. But can you blame them? They had to do something to keep themselves sane during his departure.

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PewDiePie returns: Video breaks YouTube and is trending number 1

In his new video entitled ‘I went on a break for 30 days & THIS HAPPENED’ Pewds returns to his sub-Reddit and is left absolutely confused about what the heck happened. Fortunately his editor managed to document some of the transformations Pewd’s sub-Reddit went through during his hiatus.

His new video is trending number 1 on YouTube and is on track to hit 12 million view in 24 hours which makes this one of PewDiePie’s most popular videos, albeit being a very short video. If anything it is proof just how badly the content creator was missed.

What were your thoughts on PewDiePie’s newest video? Was it enough to give you your PewDiePie fix? Let us know in the comments below.

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