Pokimane admits to manipulating & exploiting men in apology video


Pokimane returned from her month-long hiatus to address some of the criticisms brought up in Andrei Terbea, one of which was exploiting “simps.”

The Moroccan-Canadian Twitch streamer, Pokimane, was supposed to be taking a month-long break from the internet — however — she felt the need to return to make an apology video.

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Imane “Pokimane” Anys was once known as the sweetheart of Twitch, but she’s quickly finding herself becoming one of the biggest villains in the world of content creators and live-streamers. But she’s trying to set the record straight.

Pokimane maintained the image of a “can do no wrong” Twitch princess for years despite doing some admittedly terrible things to her detractors, but now — in 2020 — things are reaching a boiling point as many top tier YouTubers and influencers are turning up the heat and asking her to take responsibility for, or at the very least address, her many mistakes.

Finally, an apology…

On the August 18th Pokimane finally listened, but it wasn’t until a well respected YouTube content creator an animator, Andrei Terbea, made a video cataloging her controversies.

One of the most hard hitting and damning points that Andrei Terbea brings up in his video is how Pokimane, on many occasions, has manipulated her “army of simps” into engaging in targeted harassment of content creators, and their respective content, she doesn’t like.

Pokimane no makeup

Pokimane returns from break to drop an apology video after It’sAGundam controversy.

“Someone with that amount of intrinsic power over her male audience telling them, en masse, to go to somebody’s video where he criticizes their queen to just ‘leave a lil’ feedback is the most manipulative way of attacking someone,” Terbea said, calling it ‘targeted hate.’

The person to whom she was referring was a mid-tier YouTube commentator and comedian known as It’sAGundam.

Although Pokimane addressed this in her apology video, she maintained that his video was ‘harassment’ and should never have been monetised or sponsored to begin with.

She admitted to manipulating and exploiting men.

Pokimane’s audience consist mostly of lonely single men and a lot of them are low income earners. Their online behaviour, to most, is perceived as creepy and very obsessive. Thousands of Tweets can be found of her fans claiming that they’d donate all their money just to get noticed by her. This has often been brought up, but until her apology video Pokimane has never addressed it.

Pokimane vehemently refuses to reveal whether the rumours of her having a boyfriend or true or not, let alone reveal the identity of the alleged boyfriend. She claims that she wants to keep her personal life private.

Poki simp

Pokimane fans are called simps and are mostly middle-aged men with no money.

On the other hand, Pokimane has referred to her top tier Twitch subscribers as family and even went as far as to copystrike a It’sAGundam video for including a public tweet from one of her fans in his videos.

In the 15-minute video entitled my overdue apology,” Pokimane asserts that she respects transformative commentary on her content but only went after It’sAGundam to protect her fans.

Reactions to Pokimane’s apology video are mixed across the board. Many of her fans believe that she shouldn’t even need to apology and others think it’s too little too late.

Pokimane accidentally confirms she has a boyfriend… is it Hasan?

But one thing that most people found even more compelling than the actual apology is that she accidentally let it slip that she has a boyfriend.

Pokimane and Hassan Poker dating

Rumours about Imane “Pokimane” Anys and Hasan Piker dating surfaced in 2019.

The 24-year-old Twitch streamer showed a clip from February 2019, when rumours first started to service that she was dating fellow Twitch streamer and pro-communist commentator Hasan Piker, where she said that she is not going to reveal the identity of — or even discuss — her boyfriend.

Imane and Piker at TwitchCon

Pokimane made a video addressing the rumours that she was dating Hasan Piker (with communist red star on cap) saying that her personal life was “off limits”.

Again, in the apology video, Imane Anys has a little slip of the tongue and accidentally confirms that she has a boyfriend.

Despite her apology and her promise to do better any mention of Andrei Terbea’s video, or any other of her detractors, will earn you a permanent ban from her Twitch and Discord channel, regardless of how much you’ve donated or what tier subscriber you are.

Pokimane will return to streaming on Twitch early to mid September.

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