Pokimane is back from month-long break after boyfriend drama


Pokimane, aptly dubbed the Queen of Simps, is back from her month-long Internet and Twitch hiatus and is ready to stream again.

Imane Anys; the 24-year-old Canadian-Moroccan Twitch streamer better known as Pokimane has finally returned after her break… simps go wild!

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The once adored “can do no wrong” Twitch streamer took a month long break from the internet after finding that her reputation and Twitch’s little princess was being challenged.

Pokimane was the focal point of many varieties of controversies after several high-profile YouTube content creators made videos criticising her.

Imane 'Pokimane' Anys returns

Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys says she has nothing to do with Leafy’s YouTube ban.

At first, Pokimane thought she could just duck out of the drama by taking a month-long break from the internet. Sadly, this only made matters worse and Pokimane, according to her critics, made the sensible choice of coming back to apologies.

A little after a week into her break a well respected YouTube animator called Andrei Terbea uploaded a video that pretty much summed up the entire Pokimane drama. Unfortunately though, it only made her appear even worse.

[mv_video key=”rpp07inol6u5v1gkcq45″ title=”Pokimane is trying to get rid of this video!” thumbnail=”https://mediavine-res.cloudinary.com/video/upload/rpp07inol6u5v1gkcq45.jpg” volume=”70″ doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” ratio=”” jsonLd=true]

The Pokimane drama resulted in the Twitch streamer losing a lot of subscribers. So, she responded with her official apology in a form of YouTube video.

In her apology Pokimane admirably owns up to all her wrong doings. A body language expert even verified that, despite what her detractors say, her apology was sincere.

Imane returns one week after Leafy’s ban.

One of Pokimane’s biggest critics, Calvin ‘Leafy’ Vail, was permanently banned from YouTube only a week before she returned.

Leafy was told that he was permanently banned from YouTube for violating their policy on harassment. Although YouTube did not specify which videos were infringing said policy, people assumed it may have been because he made 6 videos on Pokimane.

Leafy on Twitch might be banned

Leafy might be banned off Twitch, too.

Pokimane, again, returned to the the internet to address Leafy’s ban and claimed she had nothing to do with it.

Evidence suggests that Pokimane is being truthful and sincere once again. She has been trying to avoid drama and going after Leafy’s channel would only escalate things.

Now on Twitch together.

Leafy and Pokimane now share the same platform. Although Twitch admin have admitted that they are “keeping a close eye” on Leafy, so far he’s not been banned.

Leafy has said that he’s trying his best to change and doesn’t want to violate and of Twitch’s rules and he is hopeful that he can co-exist with Pokimane on the platform.

UPDATE: Leafy facing Twitch ban.

Who knows, perhaps we will see these arch-enemies become allies and do a stream together in the not so distant future.

Regardless, Pokimane is now back and she’s ready to stream… and her simps are going wild!

It’s obvious that the internet has forgiven her. According to her fans, there was nothing to forgive her for.

The simps missed their queen.

“[Pokimane] my queen, I’d die for you,” one infatuated fan revealed. “I’m so glad that you’ve returned. I missed you dearly.”

However, not everybody is thrilled to see the Queen of Simps return of her month-long break.

Several tweets appear to be from people who still hold a grudge for what Pokimane did, and have not accepted her apology.

Pokimane is not letting the naysayers hold her back and has already planned a ‘welcome back’ stream with her friend Alexis; better known as Quackity.

If our sources are reliably then Pokimane’s first Twitch stream since her month-long break will be this Friday, September 4th.

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