Pokimane was sincere in her apology, says body language analyst


Expert body language analyst Bruce Lipton, better known as Believing Bruce, says that Pokimane is sincere in her apology video.

Pokimane received a lot of criticism for her “low energy” apology that seemed more like a “school presentation”. However, self proclaimed body language expert Believing Bruce believes she was being sincere.

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Although there is some science behind body language reading a lot of people are sceptical whether it actually works.

According to dailytranslations.com, body language can be useful in evaluating whether a person is telling the truth, even when they use different languages or legal interpreters. Essentially, body language can affirm or contradict the verbal statements of a person, even when testifying in court.

Suffice to say, then it can be easily used to see if a person, like Pokimane, is being sincere when apologising.

Pokimane smug

Pokimane gives smug look at OfflineTV house.

Bruce Lipton, self proclaimed ‘psychological performance’ expert, has a YouTube channel called Believing Bruce. He’s been on a bit of a role lately analysing viral YouTuber apologies.

He insinuated that Shane Dawson, although sincere in his apology, is still hiding some secrets. And according to Bruce’s analysis, YouTube beauty guru and vitamin pedlar, Tati Westbrook is a deceitful manipulator.

However, when it comes to Twitch live streaming sweetheart Imane ‘Pokimane’ Anys, she’s as sincere as it comes, Bruce claims.

She conceded to Keemstar

“She 100% desires this behaviour that she has exhibited in the past to fully disappear,” Bruce explains after analysing her eye movement.

Lipton says that Pokimane’s body language also shows that she concedes to Keemstar and admits that she’s totally to blame for escalating the drama.

Imane cute

Pokimane’s apology to Keemstar is sincere, says analyst.

“She wants us to move on,” he ads.

When Pokimane claims that she’s learned from her mistakes, Bruce points out that she’s “submissive”. She constricts her body and bows forward. This allegedly applies that she’s sincere with her statement.

Pokimane still hates It’sAGundam

When it comes to the recent drama between her and YouTuber commentator and comedian It’sAGundam, though, she’s not being completely honest.

“Pokimane is really not happy,” Bruce says about her apology to It’sAGundam. “She’s getting ready for a fight. Pokimane’s got something on her mind, but she’d holding back.”

Pokimane had to compose herself to get through this segment of her apology which means she’s not really sorry.

Imane downplayed her use of the n-word

The last point that Believing Bruce brings up is when she addresses her use of the n-word.

Instead of just apologising for it, Pokimane tries to minimise and downplay what many would consider being the only thing she really didn’t to apologise.

During her n-word apology she tries to justify her actions by saying it happened 7-year-ago, there was no hateful intent behind it, and that she “didn’t even say the hard R.”

Pokimane cosplay

Pokimane downplays her use of the n-word in apology video.

The fact that Pokimane brought up her casual use of a racial slur at the very end of her apology video before dropping a motivation speech about feeling pretty really showed she was trying to bury it under the rug.

All in all the body language expert concluded that Pokimane was being very sincere in her apology, but she didn’t say everything she wanted to.

Although she took the time to make an apology video, Pokimane is still on her month-long hiatus from Twitch streaming. She will return early to mid September.

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