Pokimane’s boyfriend has reportedly being trolling her fans on Twitter


Pokimane’s mysterious boyfriend has reportedly been trolling her fans on Twitter by tweeting super weird messages.

Pokimane has proven that she can be controversial and brazen when she wants, but her fans are starting to worry that she’s gone a bit mad. But don’t worry, our sources claim it’s just her boyfriend trolling you.

NEWS: Leafy banned off Twitch the day that Pokimane returns.

Imane “Pokimane” Anys took a month-long break shortly after discovering she was a hot topic for controversy. The 24-year-old Canadian-Moroccan Twitch streamer thought she could bail and let the drama blow over. Unfortunately, for her, it didn’t have the desired effect.

Her untimely departure from the internet lead to even more drama. “She always does this,” one of her fans commented in regards to her trying dodge the drama.

This time Imane Anys couldn’t escape the drama. Her friends encouraged her to return — halfway through her break — to address the drama with an official apology video.

In the apology she admitted to being guilty to a lot of what people were accusing her. She even said that she was trying to avoid drama but, in hindsight, figured it was a terrible idea.

Pokimane cosplay

Pokimane doesn’t do cosplay or dress provocatively on stream any more because of her boyfriend.

Her apology, though largely criticised, seemed to come from an honest place. A self proclaimed body language expert concluded that her apology was sincere.

One though Pokimane did not address was the rumour that she had a boyfriend. A bombshell that the now banned YouTuber and Twitch streamer, Leafy, dropped.

“I want to keep my personal life and professional life separate,” she explained in her video. Many of her fans who had donated thousands upon thousands of dollars felt entitled to know more and did not accept her response.

Pokimane admits to exploiting men in YouTube apology video

The Pokimane apology was heavily criticised but seemed genuine and honest.

“You call us family, we have supported you through thick and thin, yet you don’t want to share this minute detail with us. It’s not like we want to know who it is, just if you’re in a relationship,” an upset friend tweeted at her.

[mv_video key=”rpp07inol6u5v1gkcq45″ title=”Pokimane is trying to get rid of this video!” thumbnail=”https://mediavine-res.cloudinary.com/video/upload/rpp07inol6u5v1gkcq45.jpg” volume=”70″ doNotOptimizePlacement=”false” doNotAutoplayNorOptimizePlacement=”false” ratio=”” jsonLd=true]

Pokimane may still be very silent on the topic, but our source has confirmed that she does, in fact, have a boyfriend and he has, on many occasions, trolled her fans.

Pokimane’s boyfriend trolls her “simp” fans and doesn’t like what she does.

“He’ll take her phone and tweet super dump stuff. Sometime’s Imane doesn’t notice, but when she does she usually deleted the tweet.”

pokimane poopin tweet

The infamous Imane “Pokimane” Anys poopin tweet was allegedly just her boyfriend trolling her “simp” fan base.

Just a week ago Pokimane tweeted “poopin” on her personal account. It seemed very out-of-character for the sweetheart Twitch streamer.

“He [Pokimane’s Boyfriend] doesn’t like her fans and all and he thinks they are simps. He believes that her fans desire her in more ways than one,” our source said.

Pokimane keeps her boyfriend identity secret because he doesn’t want to be involved?

“I think he’s right, too. Just look at the response to the ‘poopin’ tweet. It’s disgusting!”

poki simps are gross

Pokimane’s boyfriend has a good reason for not liking her job and her fan base; her simps are disgusting.

Fans did respond to the “poopin” tweet in a disgusting manner; fantasising about her bowel movements, and whatnot.

Perhaps Pokimane is keeping the identity of her beau a secret because he doesn’t approve of her career choice and doesn’t want to be harassed by her fan base.

Pokimane, after all, has never really been a private person. She was very open about a lot of things and even moved into the OfflineTV hype house awhile ago.

She has now moved out and is living, presumably, with her new boyfriend.

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